National Air and Space Museum Evacuated

National Air and space evacuation



The suspicious package, a briefcase, was found to not contain any harmful materials.


The National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. has been evacuated after reports of a suspicious package being found on the building’s second floor, reports NBC Washington.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Building is Being Searched

The entire building has been cleared and the building is being searched by cops and the fire department.

2. There Was a Passed Out Man Near the Package

A man was also found passed out on the second floor close to where the package was found. Lelani Woods, a spokeswoman for the Park Police, said “We are trying to determine if the package and the man are related.”

3. There Are Street Closures All Around the Museum

A massive police presence on scene along Independence Avenue in D.C. The police in D.C. have told motorists that there are street closures at 4th/Independence Ave; 7th/Independence Ave & 600 blk of Independence Ague. The museum is just five minutes from the White House.

4. There is One Claim of a Fire in the Building

On tweeter claimed she saw a fire in the museum.

5. This is the First Major Incident at the Museum This Year

Air and Space Museum Bomb


The last time the museum was in the news for the wrong reasons was in December 2013, when workers protested the low wages they were being paid at the facility.