WATCH: Batkid Throws Out the First Pitch at the Giants Opening Day

SF Batkid throws first pitch at San Francisco Giants home openerMiles Scott, aka "Batkid" throws the first pitch at AT&T Park before the San Francisco Giants home opener.2014-04-08T21:01:54.000Z

Just when crime thought it was safe to rear its ugly head in the MLB, Batkid returns!

Miles Scott, the 5-year-old who has the alter-ego of Batkid, threw out the first pitch at the San Francisco Giants’ opening day today.

Scott, a survivor of leukemia, captured the hearts of the world when his wish was granted and he got to live as Batman for a day in November 2013. Now it turns out he’s got quite the arm as well.

Check out the video above and prepare to shed tears all over again.