Bryan Singer Sex Abuse Lawsuit: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



Hollywood director Bryan Singer, who directed four movies in the X-Men series, is accused in a federal lawsuit filed Wednesday of sexually abusing an underaged boy.

The suit alleges that Singer used his power and influence to take advantage of the plaintiff, identified in the suit as Michael F. Egan III.

Here’s what you need to know about the suit:

1. The Suit Claims Singer Helped Organize a ‘Sordid Sex Ring’


The suit says Singer was part of a group of “similarly positioned” Hollywood power brokers who used drugs, alcohol and parties to induce boys into a “sordid sex ring.” “A Hollywood mogul must not use his position to sexually exploit underage actors,” the suit says.

2. Singer Met the Egan Through Marc Collins-Rector

Singer at the 2009 Canadian Formula One Grand Prix in Montreal. (Getty)

Singer at the 2009 Canadian Formula One Grand Prix in Montreal. (Getty)

According to the lawsuit, Egan met Singer in the late 1990s at an Encino, California mansion owned by Chad Shackley, whose brother, Scott, was a classmate of Egan’s, and Marc Collins-Rector, who at the time was chairman of the now-defunct Digital Entertainment Network. The mansion was known as the M&C Estate.

The suit says Hollywood moguls including Singer were frequently at the estate to visit Collins-Rector.

3. Collins-Rector Served Time in Prison for Sex Crimes

Marc Collins Rector Bryan Singer

Marc Collins-Rector (Wikipedia)

According to a 1999 Bloomberg Businessweek article, Collins-Rector, who helped introduce Singer to Egan, resigned as chairman of DEN in 1999 and settled a lawsuit shortly thereafter alleging that he had sexually abused a teenage boy.

Five years later, he served time in prison after pleading guilty to luring underaged boys across state lines so he could have sex with them.

4. Egan Was an Aspiring Actor

The suit says Egan grew up in the Midwest and was a model featured in print advertising material. He moved with his mother to New York in order to pursue TV commercials. When Egan was 14 or 15, at the suggestion of his talent manager, moved to Southern California in order to further pursue his acting career.

5. Singer’s Lawyer Denies the Accusations

Bryan Singer’s lawyer, Marty Singer, said in a statement posted by BBC that the charges are “completely without merit.”

We are very confident that Bryan will be vindicated. … It is obvious that this case was filed in an attempt to get publicity at the time when Bryan’s new movie is about to open in a few weeks.

X-Men sequel “Days of Future Past” is about to come out. (Watch the trailer for the movie above.)

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