Shooting at Fort Hood: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Thirteen Dead In Mass Shooting At Fort Hood

On Wednesday evening there is was active shooting situation at Fort Hood in Texas. The shooting reportedly occurred in the Medical Brigade Building, with the shooter, 34-year-old Ivan Lopez, going building to building.

Here is what you need to know:

1. Reports Say 4 Are Dead, Including the Shooter

Newest reports claim that 16 are wounded and 4 are dead, including the shooter. It’s unknown if those dead are included in the number wounded.

A witness is telling KCEN that saw at least 3 soldiers shot, although the exact number of people injured and the severity of the injuries are not yet known. Live coverage of the incident on KCEN revealed that at least one of the victims was shot in the chest.

2. The Suspected Shooter, Ivan Lopez is Dead

AP is now confirming that one shooting suspect is dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound. CBS news identified the suspected shooter as 34-year-old Ivan Lopez who joined the army in 1999.

A witness speaking to KCEN said the suspect was a white male with a grey Toyota and a pistol, but this is currently unconfirmed.

The Instagram video above reportedly shows military police searching for a shooter. The caption on the video says,

This how close I was to where the shooting on fort hood… The MPs are looking for the shooter. The shooting happened right next to motor pool by WLC smh I hope they find his ass fast

3. The Incident Reportedly Occurred in the Medical Brigade Building

A map of the Fort Hood campus. The red dot indicates where the 2009 shooting occurred. (Wikipedia)

A map of the Fort Hood campus. The red dot indicates where the 2009 shooting occurred. (Wikipedia)

The fort was locked down and people were being told to shelter in place between around 5 and 8 p.m.

A number of schools on base and in the surrounding area were put on lockdown after the incident.

4. A Witness Says 20 Shots Were Fired

Witnesses reports trickling out to the media are reporting that they heard dozens of shots fired from the scene.

5. 13 People Died at the Fort Hood Shooting in 2009

Just last week, the U.S. Army and FBI arrested Muhammad Abdullah Hassan, aka John Thomas Booker from Topeka, Kansas. He had enlisted in the army in February 2014 and was due to start basic training on April 7. The FBI took him into custody after he posted on Facebook that he wanted to commit jihad against U.S. soldiers. It was later reported that after his interview, Hassan was committed to a mental hospital.

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