Alex Hribal, Alleged School Stabber: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

6. First Responders at the Scene Identified Hribal

VIDEO! Alex Hribal, Franklin Regional mass stabbing Police Scanner Dispatch Audio, Stabbing SuspectPart 2 of this audio: Franklin Regional High School – Murrysville, PA Westmoreland County Possible suspects name is 16 year old "Alex Hribal" — County records list a "Harold and Tina Hribal" , Sunflower Court, Murrysville, PA Audio Provided by Broadcastify2014-04-09T15:58:36.000Z

First responders in Westmoreland County identified Hribal in radio chatter while the events were unfolding. (Listen to the police radio by clicking the “play” button above.) His name is mentioned at the 1:45 mark in the audio, which was posted on YouTube by
Chris Martin.

Hribal’s identity was later confirmed by KDKA, the CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh.

7. There Was a Blank Expression on the Suspect’s Face

A 15-year-old student, Nate Moore, told KDKA, the suspect “had the same expression on his face that he has every day, which was the freakiest part. He wasn’t saying anything. He didn’t have any anger on his face. It was just a blank expression.”

8. One of the Heroes Who Emerged is Gracey Evans

Student Brett Hurt told WTAE in Pittsburgh that the stabbing attack at Franklin Regional was “straight chaos.” Hurt was stabbed in the attack but he credits his friend, Gracey Evans, as saving his life:

Gracey saved my life. I’m in pain, but I’m healing slowly but surely.

Hurt suffered knife wounds to his back, resulting in a bruised lung. He describes how his friend saved his life:

I didn’t really know what was going on at time. I was walking down the hallway with a friend of mine, Gracey Evans, and then it all just hit. She was screaming and I was just standing there, and then everything just went — like, I didn’t even know what was going on.

I was just so surprised. I could barely move because I got stabbed in the back, and just had to go into the next room, and her putting pressure on my wound to make sure I didn’t bleed out.

Hurt’s mother credited Evans as a “godsend.” Hurt doesn’t think he’ll return to Franklin Regional:

I feel that he has some issues that he needs to work out. He made a really bad decision which took him down a path that I don’t think he should have went down.

I think he could have chosen a different path to take, because everyone has more than one road to take in life. You choose which path you want to take, and that path will lead you on to your consequences later in the future. Everyone has those roads, everyone has a choice, everyone can make the right or wrong decision.

Sam King Hero

Assistant Principal Sam King has emerged as a true hero in the incident. (GMA)

9. One Friend Called Hribal ‘Misunderstood’

A student, Morgan Ritchey, who had two classes with Hribal, called him “misunderstood.” She added:

I just always felt like he had a different side to him that nobody knew and it was, like, hard to uncover.

Though Hribal’s attorney, Patrick Thomassey, told Good Morning America, that he was a normal kid who sat down for dinner every night with his family. “His family are devastated and sent their condolences to everybody involved.”

10. Counseling is Being Offered to Students Affected by the Tragedy

District Superintendent Gennaro Piraino told the media that the evidence has been removed from the school but that it will remained closed Monday April 14. He added that students and parents can avail of counseling at Murrysville Alliance Church (above).

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