Geddy Kramer, Georgia Fed Ex Shooter: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Just before 6 a.m., police say Geddy Kramer open fired on employees at a FedEx in Kennesaw, Georgia. The suspect, who was apparently dressed in tactical gear and wielding a shotgun, injured 6 people. The motive is not currently known in the shooting. According to a classmate, he graduated from North Cobb High School in 2013.

Here is what we know so far:

1. He Was a Package Handler at Fed Ex

Police say he worked at the FedEx warehouse as a package handler, but did not initially identify him. The picture above surfaced on Twitter and claims to be an image of Geddy Kramer from high school.

2. He Was Dressed ‘Like Rambo’

6 wounded at FedEx shooting in GeorgiaSix people have been injured after an incident at a FedEx facility in Kennesaw, Georgia. CNN affiliate WGCL has more.2014-04-29T12:49:22.000Z

According to witness and coworker Liza Aiken, the suspect was wearing a camouflage vest and all black clothing. He was also reportedly carrying a shotgun, a large knife, and was wearing bullets around his chest. Police also found Molotov cocktails in the FedEc warehouse, but they were never set off.

3. 7 People Were Injured or Killed in the Incident, Including Himself

The shooting reportedly injured 6 people before the gunman turned the gun and fatally wounded himself. Three of the 6 victims are in critical condition, two of which, a 28-year-old male and a 52-year-old female, sustained life threatening injuries. They are currently in a local hospital.

4. Around 200 People Work in the Warehouse

One former employee told Mashable that around 200 people work in the warehouse each shift and that it is a very pleasant place to work.

5. According to a Co-Worker, The Shooter Was Denied a Vacation Day on Friday

A co-worker told Mashable that the last time he saw the suspect was Friday afternoon when his request for a vacation day was reportedly denied.

The co-worker said:

Me and another employer were talking about him and how he requested to take off Saturday, but his manager told him no. He took off anyway, and he didn’t show up this morning. We thought maybe he just quit. I tell people on my other shift, one of these days a manager is gonna say that one thing to that one person and this is gonna set them off, and they [are] gonna come in here and start shooting, and that happened today.”

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