Kayvon Edson, Suspect in Boston Bomb Scare: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Kevin Edson, who also goes by the name of Kayvon Edson, will be arraigned Wednesday on charges related to a bomb scare at the Boston Marathon finish line on the one-year anniversary of last year’s bombings.

The Boston Police Department has said that Edson, who’s 25 and from Wakefield, Massachusetts, is charged with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, disturbing a public assembly, threatening battery and possession of a hoax device. His bail has been set at $100,000. He will undergo a psych evaluation at Bridgewater.

According to cops, a bare-footed Edson was wearing a long black veil and screaming “Boston Strong” shortly after ceremonies that commemorated the one-year anniversary of the attacks.

Here’s what you need to know about the suspect:

1. He’s Posted Bizarre, Bombing-Related Content Online


Edson has recently posted bizarre content related to last year’s bombings on his website, naturalselection.net. The images he’s posted include the image above of Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

2. He Told Police He Had a Rice Cooker

According to multiple reports, Edson was carrying a bag that he told police contained a rice cooker. The Tsarnaev brothers used pressure cookers last year to build the bombs that went off near the marathon finish line.

Police detonated the bag as a precaution.

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3. He Describes Himself as an Artist and Designer

Internet MonopolyNatural Selection- Internet Monopoly feat. Arkman Chorus: Internet Monopoly Do Not Pass Go Clickin' on ads rolls in flow Spies your search Pics of your turf This I am fosho' What you lookin' fo' Google's gonna know Hey Hey, USA, Google spies everyway Math machine knows the scene Web's a meltin' pot But there's a…2013-08-06T08:22:41.000Z

On his Facebook page, he says that he is “Sole Proprietor/Designer/Blogger” at Natural Selection. It also says that he was a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Under religion he wrote, “Numerology; Natural Selection.” For political views he wrote, “Politicians Are Poorly Dressed Celebrities That Govern.”

Kayvon Edson Facebook

This photo was posted to Edson’s Facebook page with the description “Mental Patient Martyr.” (Facebook)

On the website for Natural Selection, Edson describes himself as:

Kayvon Edson is a totes quirkster. He also happens to be king-a-da-crew. Captain of the SS Natural Selection. Kayvon came up with the idea for this project one day in his dorm room in Manhattan as he was procrastinating doing some Parsons School-o-Design wire sculpture or some shit. It wasn’t until he met Matthew McLean that it was called Natural Selection. Kayvon is a fashion designer first and a wannabe entrepreneur second. Kayvon knows fashion, and isn’t afraid to tell it to ya straight- even though he’s a total fag. Look out, Satorialist, here comes Kayvon, the Creator (of NatSel).

4. The Scare Was the Second of the Day

The incident at the finish line was the second time police had to detonate a device on Tuesday. They also detonated what they originally thought was a pipe bomb at the Massachusetts Department of Transportation building near South Station.

5. No One Was Hurt

No one was injured in the incident, and there’s no sign that the device Edson was carrying was actually a bomb.

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