Kwasi Enin: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

High School Student Kwasi Enin Accepted At All 8 Ivy League SchoolsAs seen on Newsday (video does not belong to The Fiiix)2014-04-01T13:49:18.000Z

Kwasi Enin is the New York wiz kid who is making headlines for his academic achievement.

Here’s all you need to know about the stellar student with a very bright future.

1. He Was Accepted Into All 8 Ivys

Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania and Yale all sent him acceptances. The high school senior applied to all eight to improve his chances. Little did he know, he’d get into all.

His guidance counselor, Nancy Winkler, said, “I’ve never seen anything like it in my 15 years as a high school counselor.”

“My heart skipped a beat when he told me he was applying to all eight,” she told USA Today.

2. He’s a Shot Putter

Enin is a senior at William Floyd High School in Mastic Beach.

As far as extracurricular activities go, the 17-year-old is a shot putter, sings in his school’s a capella group, plays the viola, and volunteers at Stony Brook University Hospital.

By the time he graduates, he will have taken 11 Advanced Placement courses.

3. He’s Leaning Towards Yale

He told Newsday, “They seem to embody all the kinds of things I want in a college. The family. The wonderful education. The amazing diverse students. Financial aid as well.”

4. He’s First Generation

According to the Daily News, his dad, Ebenezer, and his mom, Doreen, are nurses who emigrated from Ghana.

He told the paper that he wants to follow in their footsteps:

I’m thinking of being a cardiologist or neurologist,” said Enin. A doctor is a community leader, a protector, someone who people turn to … when they need help.

He added, “I want the passion of music and medicine to be part of my life wherever I go.”

5. He Got 2250 On His SATs

That is the 99th percentile.
He also managed to maintain a straight-A average.

His principal, Barbara Butler, said, “It couldn’t have happened to a better kid. He’s such a well-rounded, humble and modest young man.”

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