Lynchburg Train Derailment: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A CSX shipping train has derailed pulling into downtown Lynchburg, Virginia. The incident sparked a major fire causing thick black smoke to billow over the town.

Here is what you need to know:

1. Smoke & Flames Are Pouring From the Train

A huge fire and thick black smoke quickly began to emerge from the train after the derailment. Local Paul Waggener told the Lynchburg News Advance that the “50-foot-high fire” had emerged from a ruptured tanker with flammable warning signs.

You can watch the video above of flames and smoke pouring from the train.

2. There Are No Reported Injuries at This Time

The train was carrying cargo and not passengers and as such there are no reports of injuries caused by the derailment and fire at the time.

3. The City of Lynchburg Released a Statement

View Lynchburg, VA in a larger map

After the incident, the city of Lynchburg released the following statement requesting that people avoid the downtown area:

Lynchburg Police and Fire Department personnel are on the scene of a train derailment in downtown Lynchburg (near Depot Grille). There are extensive flames and smoke. Both motorists and pedestrians are cautioned to avoid the area until further notice.

4. A Number of Buildings Have Been Evacuated

From the video above, you can see just how close this fire is from the buildings of the downtown area.

5. Authorities Believe The Train Was Carrying Crude Oil

Authorities are still trying to determine what the train was carrying, or what flammable content is currently generating the large fire. The Lynchburg News Advance reports that the train was carrying crude oil.

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