Sam King, Hero Assistant Principal: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sam King, an assistant principal at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, Pennsylvania is being hailed a hero, reports The Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette. 23 students were attacked at the school by a sophomore. It was thanks for Mr. King’s heroic actions that more people were not harmed. The suspect was later named as Alex Hribal, a 16-year-old Sophomore at the school.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. King Wrestled 2 Knives From the Suspect

Students have said via Twitter that Sam King along with the school’s security guard, known as “Sarge,” wrestled two knives from the student. His son told WTAE, “I’d expect nothing less from him…It feels good to know my dad saved the day.” When the suspect was finally pinned down by King and the school’s security officer, they managed to wrestle two 8-to-10-inch steak knives from him.

2. The Suspect Was Stabbing People at Random

According to reports, students saw a classmate running through the halls stabbing people at random. One doctor noted that there appeared to be a pattern in the types of wounds suffered by victims. Police Chief Thomas Seefield hailed King to NBC News saying:

Just prior to our arrival and according to the school resource officer, Assistant Principal Sam King did a role that was very admirable. Sam was actually able to tackle the suspect, and along with the principal from the high school was able to help with that.

3. Students Hailed King as a Hero

Students took to Twitter immediately to laud King’s actions in wrestling the student.

One student, Cole Seymour, a junior at Franklin Regional, told ABC News that King was “the kind of faculty member that every student in the building could go to. He went out of his way to make students feel comfortable and see how they were.”

4. King Wasn’t Injured

One of those injured was the school’s security guard, known as “Sarge.”

Two of the students who were taken to Forbes Hospital in Monroeville, were listed as being in critical but stable condition, reports WTAE. Dr. Mark Rubino explained the nature of the injuries to the media:

They seem to actually almost have a pattern. Most of them were to the right lower abdomen and the right flank, and that created some of the criticality of their wounds and the nature of their injuries.

At UPMC Presbyterian in Pittsburgh a 17-year-old is being treated with life-threatening wounds after suffering injuries to his liver and diaphragm. He is on life-support in intensive care. The knife wound he suffered came within inches of his heart.

5. King is a Neighbor of the Suspect

VIDEO! Alex Hribal, Franklin Regional mass stabbing Police Scanner Dispatch Audio, Stabbing SuspectPart 2 of this audio: Franklin Regional High School – Murrysville, PA Westmoreland County Possible suspects name is 16 year old "Alex Hribal" — County records list a "Harold and Tina Hribal" , Sunflower Court, Murrysville, PA Audio Provided by Broadcastify2014-04-09T15:58:36.000Z

A source told Heavy that his family have address in Sunflower Court in Murrysville (shown above). We found a Tina Hribal who lives there and acts as the assistant secretary/treasurer for the community. There is a Samuel King listed as living in the same community.

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