Mayor Rob Ford to Check Into Rehab

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford may have finally come to his senses. According to TMZ, Ford is heading for rehab even though he’s in the middle of his reelection campaign. Ford reportedly says he’s going to rehab to “deal with his issues.” Could this be just a publicity stunt to win the election? TMZ writes:

Ford’s decision comes just days after a Toronto bar patron recorded him ranting and cussing about a political opponent on Monday night. The Mayor was reportedly heard saying he’d like to “f****** jam her.” Ford told a Toronto columnist he is “ready to take a break” and “get help.”

It has yet to be determined what kind of treatment Ford will be receiving, but Ford insists that his team wants him to stay in the race … The NY Daily News wrote:

The admitted crack smoker and heavy drinker has long dodged calls for him to resign or go to drug rehab. He relented Wednesday.

Ford told the Toronto Sun that he believes “it’s time.”