UConn Championship Riots: Top 5 Videos of Chaos & Destruction

UConn Intro Final Four

On Monday night, the University of Connecticut Huskies won the NCAA championship after a stunning season. After the big win, students and fans on Uconn’s campus in Storrs, Connecticut, celebrated the way they customarily do: a giant outdoor party and riot.

After the 2004 championship, police arrested at least 35 people after fans lit dozens of fires across campus. Now, 10 years later, the Los Angeles Times reported that, once again, police arrested at least 35 people.

Here are the wildest videos emerging from the massive celebration that rocked UConn’s campus:

1. Rioters Throw a Lamp Post Through a Window

Above you can see a video of fans carrying an uprooted street light, thrown battering ram-style through the window of a campus building.

2. UConn Revelers Climb Everything

In the video above, fans of the Huskies climb into trees, lamps, statues, anything to get a higher vantage point to dance and survey the massive crowd.

3. Kids Get Arrested Trying to Pull up a Street Light

In this video, ambitious youngsters hoping to pull out a street light get swarmed by some serious-looking police.

4. Students Succeed in Pulling Down Street Lights

No cops show up to save this street light. Above you can watch a number of guys shake a street light straight out of the ground as hundreds of people look on and scream.

5. Giant Public Dance Parties

This video does not contain as much destruction or mayhem, but look at all those people. In this video of a giant dance party, you can get a good glimpse of just how massive the crowd is.

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