Lucy Li: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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11-year-old Lucy Li has made history by qualifying for the U.S. Women’s Golf Open in Pinehurst on June 19. Li won her place at the tournament by shooting rounds of 74 and 68 at the Half Moon Bay course in a qualifier, reports ESPN.

Here’s what you need to know about this prodigy:

1. Li Hit Her First Golf Ball While Waiting For Her Brother to Finish a Round

She’s a native of Redwood City, California, just outside of the Bay Area. Li got her start in golf through sheer randomness. While waiting for her brother to finish a round back in 2010, when Li was just seven, she picked up a driver and just started hitting balls. She says of the time:

We were on the driving range waiting for Luke. And I just started hitting. I liked it.

Watch Lucy at just aged 8 doing some of her rapid fire driving.

2. She Has Been Making Waves in the Golf World For 2 Years

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In 2013, Li just missed the cut at the U.S. Women’s Amateur Public Links Championship. During one of her rounds, Li shot one under. Also in 2013, she placed in 17 at the Junior Orange Bowl International Championship and 18 in qualifying for the Women’s Open.

3. Li Goes to a Specialist Golf School

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She’s a student at the Jim McClean Golf School in South Florida. Li is an A student who says history is her favorite subject.

4. Other Than Being Amazing at Golf, Li is Pretty Normal

Her favorite song is “It’s Time” by the Imagine Dragons. But she’s open minded and loves hip-hop too. Her favorite foods are Chinese and french fries, according to a Post and Courier report.

5. She’ll Be the Youngest Ever Open Golfer by a Full-Year

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The former youngest player at the US Women’s Golf Open, Alexis Thompson. (Getty)

The previous youngest golfer at the tournament in Pinehurst was Alexis Thompson who was an ancient 12 when she played in 2007.

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