Jill Anjuli Hansen: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



Police in Hawaii have arrested 30-year-old professional surfer Jill Hansen after they say she followed an elderly woman back to her condo on Wednesday night, hit her with her car and then tried to back into the woman again before fleeing the scene. Police said they tracked Hansen down and arrested her six hours after the attack.

Here’s what you need to know about Hansen:

1.She’s Charged With Attempted Murder

Hansen makes first court appearanceSelf-proclaimed pro-surfer and model Jill Hansen made her first court appearance, after being charged with second degree attempted murder from an incident when she hit senior citizen Elizabeth Conklin at her condo in Waikiki. KITV4's Pete Caggiano h2014-05-20T10:18:47.000Z

Police charged Hansen with attempted murder after hitting 73-year-old Elizabeth Conklin in the parking garage of her condominium community on Wednesday morning, according to Radar Online. Conklin believes Hansen was trying to steal her car, a 3 Series BMW, after Hansen talked about how much she wanted that car in a Facebook post in February, KITV reports. Hansen has since deleted her Facebook account.

Hansen has had other legal troubles in the past. She is reportedly facing a pending assault investigation and her father reportedly filed a restraining order against her after she tried to hire someone from Facebook to kill him, according to Hawaii News Now.

2.A Maintenance Worker Who Witnessed the Attack Smashed Hansen’s Windshield With a Crowbar

Conklin sustained serious injuries from the attack, including serious cuts and bruises and a head injury, according to KHON. According to KITV, Hansen tried to run Conklin over a second time, but Christopher Khoury, a maintenance worker at Conklin’s condo, smashed Hansen’s back window with a crowbar before she got the chance.

KITV reports Hansen yelled, “My father made me do this, he’s a high-powered attorney,” before leaving the garage.

3. She’s a Professional Surfer

Jill Hansen2010-07-30T04:39:50.000Z

Jill Hansen is a professional surfer and model. Hansen models her own line of surfware called California Candy Wetsuits, according to LA Mag. She started modeling in college while enrolled as a student at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles.

The video above features highlights of Hansen surfing.

4. She Shared Suicidal Thoughts on Facebook



According to The Dirty, Hansen threatened to commit suicide on Facebook back in 2012. The Dirty reports Hansen received encouraging messages from Facebook friends and then deleted the posts the day after she published them.

5. Hansen Is in Police Custody



Hansen’s bail was set at $1 million. She is in custody, according to KHON.

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