Johnny Football’s Dad, Paul Manziel: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Paul Manziel is the father of Johnny Manziel. In a leaked Patriots scouting report on Johnny Football, the Pats say that they aren’t very keen on Paul’s possible influence of Johnny. He’s accused of spoiling his son and of having a “wild” family. A My San Antonio report indicates that describing the family as merely “wild” is quite the understatement.

The scouting report was leaked by Bro Bible.

In an interview with the Dallas Morning News on February 5, Paul Manziel expressed his serious concerns about his son’s problems. He said, “I truly believe if they can’t get him help, he won’t live to see his 24th birthday.” This comes after Johnny Football’s ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley said that the Browns QB had threatened to kill himself. Shortly after that incident, Paul Manziel said that he tried get his son into a rehab facility but failed.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Paul Manziel Says His Family Doesn’t Have ‘Garth Brooks Money’

Johnny Manziel at Draft


In an interview with ESPN Magazine, Paul Manziel, was asked about the size of his family’s wealth. He replied:

It’s not Garth Brooks money. But it’s a lot of money.

The Manziel’s are reported to have made their money through oil. Johnny Football’s great-grandfather Bobby Joe Manziel received his first investment from the legendary Jack Dempsey. The investment allowed Bobby Joe to drill for oil under the Negro New Hope Baptist Church in Gladewater, Texas.

2. He Has Expressed Concern About Johnny’s ‘Anger’

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According to his interview in ESPN Magazine, Paul Manziel told of his worries about his son’s struggles with alcohol, anger and his adjustment to celebrity. He told the mag:

Yeah, it could all come unraveled. And when it does, it’s gonna be bad. Real bad.

It had been speculated that Manziel’s family were hoping he wouldn’t be the first draft pick (resulting in him staying in Texas with Houston).

3. Johnny Football’s Mother Didn’t Want Her Son Growing Up Around the Manziels

Johnny Manziel draft


Mr. Football’s mother, Michelle, said that in Tyler, the Manziel name had a stigma. Despite the families wealth, the family sometimes found themselves on the wrong side of the law. Due in no small part, to their attraction to cockfighting. The family boasted over 1,000 fighting cocks. The family moved to Kerrville with Michelle telling author Josh Katzowitz for his book “Johnny Football”:

People prejudged us there. People would know me, and I had never met them before in my life. I hated that. I didn’t want my kids to ever be affected by it.

4. The Patriots Scouting Report is Damning

It’s clear from reading the Patriots report that their scouts didn’t think too much of Johnny. Citing his grandfather and father as bad influences for spoiling him. Later in the report, they refer to Manziel’s lack of work ethic. They also make direct reference to his “outlaw bloodlines” and the fact that his mother moved the family away from Tyler, Texas. The damning indictment in the report comes at the very end, reading:

Will never take football seriously enough for our coaching staff, he’ll hate meetings, will have to drag him to work out, etc. The definition of the word maintenance.

5. Paul Manziel Has Been Referred to as ‘Different’ From the Rest of His Family

In the now-famous ESPN article, it makes reference to Paul Manziel wanting to be different from his crazy family and how having a son helped him do that. He used to play in father-son tournaments with a young Johnny Manziel. When the family moved to Kerrville, he helped build their new house. Their new house just happened to be close to the 16th hole of Hollytree golf course. Though nowadays, Paul Manziel doesn’t enjoy playing golf with his son:

I don’t enjoy playing golf with him because I don’t want to see that temper. I honestly do not. I cringe when he wants to play golf. I don’t want to do it, but I know I have to do it. Because he still needs love. He still needs guidance. He still needs to see he’s wrong — and how to control his temper. And if I give up on him, who’s gonna take over? The school sure the hell isn’t gonna do it.

The pair share a birthday, just not that many personality traits.

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