Josh Warner Missing: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



Josh Warner, a soldier in Spanaway, Washington, has been missing since Wednesday morning after posting a cryptic goodbye message on his Facebook page. Warner’s family, fellow soldiers and police are still searching for him.

Here’s what you need to know about Warner:

1. He Posted His Facebook Goodbye on Wednesday Morning



According to KOMO, Josh Warner posted a farewell message at 5:37 a.m. Wednesday which read, “Trust me, Im doing everyone that knows me a favor. Good bye world.”

Josh Warner’s wife, Brandi Warner, told KOMO that this isn’t the first time her husband has left abruptly, but this is the longest he has been gone.

2. Warner Is a Mechanic at the Fort Lewis Army Base



KOMO TV reports Warner worked as a mechanic for the 2nd Stryker Brigade at the Fort Lewis Army Base in Fort Lewis, Washington, roughly 15 miles west of Spanaway. The base opened in 2010 after connecting the former Fort Lewis and McChord Airforce Base into one unit. The base provides training for Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines service members.

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3. Warner Left Behind a Wife and Two Children



Warner’s wife, Brandi, told KOMO her husband had kissed her goodbye Wednesday morning as he always did. She didn’t realize anything was wrong until police arrived at her home for a welfare check after seeing Warner’s Facebook post. On Friday, Brandi Warner told her and Josh Warner’s two boys, ages 5 and 6, that their dad is missing, according to KOMO.

4. Search Efforts Have Spread to Facebook



Facebook user Ken Taylor of Prineville, Oregon created a Facebook group yesterday called, “Find Josh Warner,” asking that people “Share areas searched, people contacted and other helpful information,” in regard to the search for Josh Warner. Members of the group have posted what areas have been searched and have brainstormed possible locations Warner could have gone, ranging from homeless shelters to crossing the border into Canada.

5. Warner Enjoyed the Outdoors and “Mudding” in his Truck



Brandi Warner told KOMO TV, she hoped her husband was just taking a break in the woods. She told KOMO TV he enjoys “mudding,” an off-road motor sport in which drivers try and get their vehicles through a pit of mud at a set length, in his 1991 GMC truck. Warner’s truck has Oregon plates that read YXQ038.

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