Malcolm Glazer Dies at 86: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Malcolm Glazer Dies


Malcolm Glazer, the owner of Manchester United and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has died at the age of 86. His passing was confirmed by the Tampa Bay Bucs Twitter account.

He owned the NFL’s Bucs since 1995 and led them to their first Super Bowl title in 2002. The Buccaneers paid tribute to their owner, calling him a “pioneering thinker” and a “dynamic business leader.”

My News 13 reports that Glazer was in bad health since a stroke in 2006. Glazer suffered from a lack of mobility in the right side of his body.

The world’s most famous soccer team, Manchester United, paid tribute to their departed owner:

The thoughts of everyone at Manchester United are with his family tonight.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. He Was Worth $4 Billion

Malcolm Glazer Dead


According to Forbes, at the time of his death, Glazer’s fortune was worth $4 billion. At the time of his death, he was the president and CEO of his family business, First Allied Corporation.

In addition to the family’s sports businesses, First Allied owns 6.7 million square feet of shopping mall space in 20 different states. In 2003, the Glazer family tried to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers.

According to a Business Week article, Major League Baseball called the financing “shaky,” causing the deal to fall through. Glazer’s son has denied there was a financing problem.

2. Glazer Was Very Popular Among Manchester United Fans

Love United Hate Glazer


Outside of the US, Glazer will be remembered for his debt-driven $1.4 billion purchase of Manchester United. The family’s shares in Manchester United are now valued at $2.2 billion, reports Forbes. Manchester United fans have attracted huge criticism due to their infamous chant, “Glazer’s Gonna Die.”

Since the Glazers took over Manchester United in 2005, the team have won the Champions League once and the EPL title five times. The Glazers have just appointed Louis van Gaal as the team’s new manager.

According to Sky News, at the time of Glazer’s death Manchester United are $668 million in debt.

3. He Was From New York State

How Malcolm Glazer die


Glazer lived in West Palm Beach, Florida but was a native of Rochester, New York. He was the son of Lithuanian immigrants. His career in business began when he took over his father’s watch-parts company at 15 when his dad died. He built that business into a multi-billion dollar empire.

Malcolm Glazer Tampa Bay


The Tampa Bay Times refers to Glazer as a “shrewd businessman” who lived a “secretive life on the exclusive island of Palm Beach.” The paper adds that he “had few friends.”

Tampa Bay Online reports that there will be private funeral service for Glazer with a more public memorial to be held at a future date.

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4. His Sons Will Inherit the Family Business

Joel Glazer Abraham Glazer

The Glazer brothers. (Getty)

Over the last few years, his sons Bryan, Edward and Joel had been active in the day-to-day running of the family business.

The Buccaneers said that thanks to his family planning, the franchise will remain under control of the Glazers for years to come. In 2004, Tampa Mayor Sandy Freedman told The Times, Glazer bought the Buccaneers “because the boys love [football].”

The Manchester Evening News reports the ownership of Man United will not be affected by Glazer’s death. The Glazer family own a ninety percent stake in the club with the other 10 percent floated on the New York Stock Exchange.

5. He Leaves Behind a Wife & 6 Children

Malcolm Glazer Dead Dies


The exact circumstances of his death are unknown. His obituary on the Buccaneers website says that he is survived by his wife, Linda, six children, Avie, Kevin, Bryan, Joel, Darcie and Edward, and 14 children. He was married to his wife, Linda, for 59 years.

In 2012, there were reports that Glazer had died from a “massive stroke.” Rumors of the stroke prompted a massive Twitter death hoax.

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