Cornealious Michael Anderson III: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Mike Anderson Release Photos

Mike Anderson just minutes after the judge ruled he will be released from prison. (Facebook)

Cornealious “Mike” Anderson III, 36, is a married father of four who lived in St. Louis, Missouri. He’s a youth football coach, business owner, and community volunteer. Back in 1999, Anderson was arrested and charged with the armed robbery of a Burger King manager. As a result, he was sentenced to 13 years in prison. During the appeals process and while Anderson was out on a $25,000 bond, the Department of Corrections in Missouri mistakenly believed he was still in prison. Therefore, after his appeals failed, Anderson was never rearrested. His lawyer reportedly telling him that it was the state’s job to arrest him. Anderson went on with his life. On Monday May 5, he walked free from a court in Missouri.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Anderson is Married With 4 Kids

Cornealious Michael Anderson III Facebook


In July 2013, when Anderson was due to be released, the Department of Corrections in Missouri found that he was never in custody. A new arrest warrant was issued and US Marshals raided his home where he lived with his wife and four children. Anderson was ordered to serve 14 years in prison.

2. He’s a Business Owner in St. Louis

Since his original arrest in 1999, Anderson never broke the law, marrying after meeting his wife in 2007. He operated several small contracting businesses in St. Louis and volunteered at his local church.

3. His Robbery Victim Wanted Anderson to be Released

The victim in the 1999 Burger King robbery had told The Riverside Times that he didn’t believe that Anderson should have to serve his sentence. Despite this, the victim, known only as Dennis, said that the robbery destroyed his life, and led to his marriage falling apart.

4. His Attorney Appealed to the Governor For Clemency

Jay Nixon Mike Anderson

Gov. Jay Nixon pictured with singer Willie Nelson. (Getty)

There had been a grassroots campaign to get Anderson out of prison. A petition had been set up. In April 2014, Anderson’s attorney petitioned Missouri Governor Jay Nixon for clemency, something Nixon had only ever done in one previous case.

5. Anderson Was Convicted in Part Because He Had a Gun Brochure

Anderson’s original conviction was in part based on a gun brochure that was found in his home. Cops couldn’t locate a gun in his home nor could they prove he’d ever owned one. The prosecutor argued that the the brochure was proof enough that Anderson owned a gun and that gun was probably used in the Burger King robbery.

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