Oliver D’Orio: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Bronx Bodega Owner Killed In Vicious AssaultBronx Bodega Owner Killed In Assault at 2334 Washington ave in 48 precinct area. Victim not IDed. Suspect sought. By Todd Maisel 5-23-142014-05-23T18:04:30.000Z

Oliver D’Orio, the Italian tourist slain by a sucker punch in the Bronx on May 23, had his final moments caught on surveillance video. The graphic footage, obtained by the New York Post, shows a shirtless, hulking D’Orio confronting his diminutive killer. The assailant then lands a vicious right when D’Orio glances away, sending the 37-year-old victim crashing the pavement, where he cracked his head. D’Orio was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Here’s what you need to know about D’Orio and his violent demise:

1. D’Orio Was Trying to Bum a Beer From His Attacker

The attack happened outside of the Guerrero Bodega at Washington Avenue and East 184th Street. Julio Minier, 33, who works in the store, told the Post, “[The victim] was pestering [the attacker], saying, ‘Buy me a beer, buy me a beer.’ They came out onto the street, and when the fight started he punched him with an open hand. The man went down. I knew he was dead when he hit the ground.”

2. Just Before the Attack, D’Orio Was Getting Rowdy Near a Rehab Center

The Daily News reports that D’Orio had been causing trouble in the neighborhood earlier that night. A resident of the area, Luis Williams, told the Post, “Last night, [the victim] was yelling outside and banging outside the Phoenix House (rehab center). He was yelling and banging on the door…holding a bottle of [booze] 10 minutes before he was put down.”

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3. D’Orio Had Been Around Fordham All Day

D’Orio updated his Facebook account just hours before his death, changing his profile photo, showing him posing inside the Fordham Road subway station.

4. He Was Scheduled to Fly Home Hours Before His Death

D’Orio is an Italian citizen but lived in Switzerland, according to the Daily News. He was booked on a flight back to Switzerland for the afternoon of May 22, but clearly never made it.

5. A Search Is on for the Killer

The NYPD launched a massive manhunt to track down the killer. News 12 reports that there is a $2,000 reward being offered for information that leads to an arrest.