Shooting Inside Lansing, Michigan Rite Aid: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Two people have been killed after string of shootings that began in a Rite Aid in Lansing, Michigan, reports Fox 17. The gunfire erupted at 11:06 a.m. The store is located less than four miles from Michigan State University.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. A Rite Aid Employee Was Shot in the Face

The victim in the Rite Aid shooting died after being shot in the face. He was a 35-year-old employee at the store. According to Michigan reporter Ryan James Wardin, the suspect is a resident of East Lansing. The suspect is thought to be holed up at this home on 1802 Coolidge Ave in Lansing. Another resident of the complex, Adam Brown, told The Lansing State-Journal, that the suspect had a two-hour argument with someone on the night of May 11. At one point he heard the suspect shout, “Come over here and shoot me.”

In a news release, police described the suspect as being a “black male with a shaved head, approximately 5-foot-8 tall.” Michigan Live says that he is believed to be 30 years old.

2. There May Be a Connection to a Shooting Nearby

The suspect was thought to have been holed up at this home on 1802 Coolidge Road in East Lansing. (Google Street View)

The suspect was thought to have been holed up at this home on 1802 Coolidge Road in East Lansing. (Google Street View)

There was another shooting in East Lansing that police believe might be connected. WWMT reports that the other shooting took place just a mile and a half away from the Rite Aid on Coolidge Road. At the Coolidge scene, .22 caliber shells were recovered, reports Michigan Live. The victim in the second shooting has also died, according to scanner traffic.

3. The Shots Were Fired in a Consultation Room

One witness told The Lansing State Journal that the shots were fired in consultation room in the pharmacy section of the store.

4. There Is a Massive Police Presence at the Rite Aid

Police have surrounded the building at the Frandor shopping area at East Saginaw Street. Michigan Live reports that due to closed off streets traffic is moving slowly around the area.

5. MSU Has Issued a ‘Shelter-in-Place’ Order

Michigan State University has sent out a warning to students regarding the attacks. Students there are advised to shelter-in-place. Two local elementary schools, Glencairn and Pinecrest were on lockdown as a result of the shooting. WZZM reports that two of MSU’s residence halls wereon full-lockdown. Just after 12:40 p.m., local police announced that the only places locked down were those around Coolidge Road.