Vincent Parker: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



Vincent Parker was a 16-year-old honor student living in Norfolk, Virginia when he killed his parents. The killings, seemingly unplanned, were brutal, as he pepper sprayed, stabbed and beat his parents to death in their home. He has pleaded guilty on two charges of second-degree murder and said that he committed the slayings after his parents took his iPod away and tried to get him to do his chores.

He faces 5-40 years per charge before his sentencing in September, according to WVEC.

Here’s what you need to know about Parker:

1. Parker Has no History of Mental Illness



According to WTKR, Parker has no history of mental illness and his motivations for killing his parents are unknown. Parker answered more than 300 questions online to peers and classmates, none of which indicated Parker held anything against his parents, WTKR reports.

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2. Parker’s Parents Died of Gruesome Injuries

According to WVEC, Vincent Parker’s parents, Wayne and Carol Parker died of multiple stabbings and beatings. Vincent Parker reportedly pepper-sprayed his mother before stabbing her in the eye and beating her with a baseball bat and crowbar. Parker beat his father with a crowbar multiple times before stabbing him. After the attack, Wayne Parker called 911. His wife Carol was pronounced dead at the scene by medical personnel and Wayne Parker died in the hospital due to his injuries.

3. Parker Resented His Dad For Disciplining Him

According to WVEC, Vincent Parker’s rage was directed mainly at his dad. They report:

“I just remember getting mad. It’s all from my dad. All this stuff like my dad talking away my iPod and stuff.”

WTKR reports Parker said, when asked online what crimes deserve the death penalty, making your son do chores is a crime punishable by death and that murder can be justified. In these same forums, he said he wanted to be a police office when he grew up.

4. Parker Was a Student at Norview High School

Parker attended Norview HIgh School in Norfolk, Virginia prior to killing his parents. (Google Maps)

Parker attended Norview HIgh School in Norfolk, Virginia prior to killing his parents. (Google Maps)

According to WTKR, Parker was an honor-roll student at Norview High School, one of Norfolk’s five high schools. He showed a talent for art and would often share his drawings with friends online. According to WTKR, Parker was gay, which his peers knew. Some of his peers even asked him online if he had come out to his parents.

5. Parker’s Sentencing is Scheduled for September 18

Parker faces 5-40 years incarceration for each of his crimes, according to WVEC. WTKR reports Parker is being has been held at Norfolk Detention Center since his arrest and that he has pled guilty to adult charges.

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