Brazil vs Chile: Score, Recap & Highlights

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Can Brazil’s star Neymar help Brazil’s World Cup team advance through the Round of 16? We found out today during Brazil vs. Chile, the first game of the knockout round that Brazil will be going forward with a well-earned win after overtime and a penalty shootout.

Here are the highlights, goals, and cards, from Brazil vs Chile:

Brazil: 1         Chile: 1

Most Recent Update:

The Game Comes Down to a Shootout

In a tense finale to a marathon of a game, Brazil vs Chile comes down to a penalty shootout with the first shot being given to Brazil with Luiz taking the first shot. Each team will be given 5 shots, unless less is needed to break the tie.

Shootout Score: Brazil: 3 & Chile: 2

Luiz scores the first shootout goal for Brazil.

The First Chile shot is blocked by Brazil’s star goalie.

William takes the second shot for Brazil, and he misses, putting it wide.

Sanchez shoots for Chile and it is blocked.

Brazil’s third shot is a goal

Chile’s third shot is a rocket straight into the back of the goal for a score.

Hulk’s fourth shot for Brazil is blocked by the goal keeper.

Diaz for Chile scores, tying the shoot out score to 2-2.

Neymar comes up for Brazil’s fifth shot, and it’s a goal for Brazil.

Chile comes up for their final shot, being taking by one of their star defenders. It bounces off the goal, giving Brazil the victory.

The Game Is Going to Overtime

At the end of the full 90 minutes, the game is still tied 1-1 so the teams will move into 30 minutes of overtime.

The second half of the match was incredibly lackluster with both fans and players losing energy quickly. Can someone rally within the next 30 minutes?

A Brazilian Goal is Ruled Out



After a contreversial call, it seems that a goal scored by Brazilian player Hulk, was ruled out after the ref believes he used his arm.

At Half-Time, The Match is Tied

But, because this is the knockout round, there can be no draw. Someone has got to score in the second half of this tense game or we’ll all be headed to a 15-minute overtime.

Alexis Sanchez Scored for Chile at 32 Minutes

In a stunning move, young Alexis Sanchez for Chile scored a surprise goal at 32 minutes. The small amount of Chile fans in the Brazilian stadium went wild.

David Luiz Scores for Brazil…Kind of?

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David Luiz was originally credited for scoring his first goal for the Brazilian national team with a goal at 18 minutes for Brazil. But, video of the goal reveals an own goal on the part of Chile that grazes Luiz’s chest as it heads into the goal.

Mena Gets a Yellow Card



Eugenio Mena, one of Chile’s best defenders got a Yellow Card.

Brazil Is Favored to Win

According to every sports book and statistics website on the internet, Brazil, the favorite of group A, is expected to win.