Charles Aránguiz: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Charles Aranguiz, Chile vs. Spain, Charles Arranguiz goal

Chilean midfielder Charles Aránguiz scored the second goal for Chile to help then clinch the victory against defending World Cup champion Spain.

Here’s what you need to know about him:

1. He Had a Goal and Assist Against Spain

Charles Aranguiz had his way with Spain’s World Cup team. Aranguiz set up the goal by Eduardo Vargas that put Chile on the board, then followed up with a goal of his own in the closing minutes of the first half to make it 2-0 Chile.

2. He Plays For Sport Club Internacional

charles aranguiz


Aranguiz was transferred to Brazil’s Sport Club Internacional after being traded from Spain’s Granada CF.

He has scored 5 goals since the beginning of the season at his new club.

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3. He Was Teammates With Eduardo Vargas at Universidad de Chile

charles aranguiz


Alongside current Chilean teammate, Eduardo Vargas who scored the first goal against Spain, Aranguiz was a key player on the Universidad de Chile 2011 team. The 2011 squad won the 2011 Copa Sudamericana where they were undefeated for the entire tournament.

4. This Is His First World Cup

charles aranguiz


Aránguiz’s international career began in 2008 when he played in the Toulon Tournament, Milk Cup, and then the Talents Cup.

He later became a member of the U-20 Chile Team. He went on to score a goal in the 2009 South American Youth Championship when he was given a free kick.

This is the first year he has qualified for the Chilean national team.

5. He Prefers to Play With His Left Foot

charles aranguiz


Aranguiz is 1 of 67 players total during the World Cup that prefers to play with his left foot. There are a total of 350 players, leaving the other 233 players to prefer their right foot.

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