Gabriella Lenzi: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Neymar Girlfriend

(Instagram/Gabriella Lenzi)

Twenty-year-old Gabriella Lenzi will be cheering for her new superstar boyfriend, Neymar, this summer at the World Cup. The Brazilian supermodel is a Sao Paulo native, and has already been spotted posing for photographers in Barcelona… or maybe she’s just there to support her handsome beau.

1. She and Neymar Haven’t Publicly Admitted Their Relationship

Neymar, Neymar Soccer, Neymar Gabriella Lenzi


Rumors that these two were dating started early last month, and Gabriella has since been spotted roaming the streets with other WAGs. Is this suggestive of her romance with Neymar? Probably. Lucky her, since Neymar is currently the world’s seventh richest soccer star.

Mid-Day reports that Lenzi recently traveled to Camp Nou in Barcelo for a photo shoot. The two have yet to be seen together in Brazil, but it’s only a matter of time before the paparazzi hunts them down.


2. She Has More Than 404,000 Followers on Instagram

Gabriella Lenzi, Gabriella Lenzi, Neymar girlfriend

(Facebook/Gabriella Lenzi)

Like Neymar’s former girlfriend, Bruna Marquezine, Lenzi really likes taking selfies– whether it be at the gym, at the beach, or in an elevator. Before Marquezine, the soccer superstar dated 20-year-old Carolina Dantas, who is the mother of his son, David Lucca de Silva.

Lenzi is currently the face of DF Model agency, and is studying fashion at Fundacao Amanda Alvares Penteado (FAAP) in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

3. She’s a Swimmer and Gymnast

The 5 ft 9 in model’s Instagram is filled with fitness pictures. It seems like the fit brunette spends her time in the gym when she’s not posing for photographers. Multiple sources report that gymnastics and swimming are her main exercises that help her stay fit.

Gabriella Lenzi, Gabriella Lenzi girlfriend, Neymar girlfriend fitness

(Instagram/Gabrielle Lenzi)


4. She’s Caught Esquire’s Eye

(Gabriella Lenzi/Instagram)

(Gabriella Lenzi/Instagram)

Lenzi was featured on Esquire’s website as one of the women they love. The site searches social media to find the world’s most beautiful women, who they then dig info on and introduce to the public.

5. There’s A Lot of Pressure on Gabriella To Help Neymar’s Game

Gabriella Lenzi, Lenzi girlfriend, Neymar girlfriend, world cup Girlfriends

(Facebook/Gabriella Lenzi)

Multiple sources have indicated the immense pressure football fans have been placing on Lenzi. While Neymar is famous for being one of the best players in the game, his playing has recently been subpar- this most likely has something to do with a transfer scandal about the payment to his dad. Fanshare writes,

The big question that she is going to be faced with is can she make him happy and get him back to scoring goals for his club team Barcelona so that he will be ready to lead the Brazilian football team to victory.


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she’s never dated Neymar, she was in a long term relationship with this young brazilian millionaire but they broke up i’d say in june. Neymar wishes he could get a girl like that lol she’s very picky as far as i know and only dates low-profile guys. also she doesnt swim or do gymnastics, she’s always been very thin and athletic from a young age, only sport she’s really engaged in is jet skiing (you can find videos of her doing it on youtube). oh and she’s not from Sao Paulo nor does she goes to school there. she is from a brazilian state called Santa Catarina and lives in Balneario Camboriu. and thats not Gabriella in the picture wearing the Barcelona shirt! thats Neymar’s ex Bruna Marquezine. get your facts straight,


as for me I also like neymar and wishes to see him even if it is just once but I don’t think it possibie bcos I an frm Africa and neymar is a Brazilian anyways I wish him d best of luck .

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