Germany Vs. Portugal Odds: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Cristiano Ronaldo First Goalscorer


Germany takes on Portugal in one of the most highly anticipated games of the World Cup opening stages. The game begins at 12 p.m. Eastern time from Arena Fonte Nova live on ESPN. If you’re thinking about placing a little bet on the outcome, then step this way.

Here’s what you need to know about the odds for this potential classic:

1. Germany Is the Favorite

Germany World Cup Betting Odds


Germany is the favorite with every reputable betting sites. The best odds you’re likely to find for Zee Germans is 21/20 at Paddy Power. They’re trading at a similar price with most oddsmakers.

2. There’s Good Odds on Portugal

Ronaldo Goal GIF

Portugal has good odds with most betting sites. You can get odds as good as 3/1 with Boyle Sports. Remember that’s 3/1 for a team with the best player in the world.

3. Ronaldo Isn’t the Favorite for the First Goal

Surprisingly Cristiano Ronaldo is not the favorite to score first. The world’s best player is trading with odds as good as 6/1 at Ladbrokes to be the first goalscorer. Also worth looking is Germany’s Lukas Podolski, who loves to score at World Cups, he’s 7/1 at Bet 365.

4. 1-1 Is the Favorite Score

Ronaldo Joachim Loew


Predicting the correct score is one of the most difficult things to bet on in soccer. The favorite results with betting sites is 1-1, if you think that’s going to be the score then go to Bet Fred for odds of 7/1. Germany are so good going forward, I like the look of 19/1 for 3-0 win at 19/1 with Bet Victor.

5. Don’t Bet on 0-0

Portugal Fans World Cup 2014


There’s hasn’t been a 0-0 tie so far in this World Cup, and we’re all praying it won’t happen in this game. I hope people wouldn’t be spoil sports and bet on a scoreless game but if you feel you must, Ladbrokes has odds of 15/1 for 0-0 snooze fest.

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