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The Miami Heat have lost the first game of the 2014 NBA Finals series after falling in San Antonio to the Spurs.

Here’s how it went down at the AT&T Center:

4th Quarter

On the last Spurs breakaway, Lebron couldn’t make it down the court after scoring. LeBron looks crocked as the temperature in the arena soars above 90 degrees. He had to be helped back to the bench and couldn’t put any pressure on his ankle.

The Spurs have issued a press release on the failing San Antonio AC:

Danny Green knocked in consecutive 3s to bring the Spurs back into the game with five minutes left on the clock. Less than a minute later, Green slammed it home to give the Heat a 94-90 lead with 4:30 left. That one forced the Heat into a time out.

LeBron is being cooled down on the sideline. Replays showed James hobbling around the court. Worrying times?

Miami Heat Manu


Doris Burke is telling that there is an electrical malfunction which is causing the problem for the Spurs AC.

Chris Bosh gets a four point play after three point jumper. Just before that, it looked as if Thiago Splitter got his falling over problem under control:

Here we go kids, final quarter in Game 1 on of the 2014 NBA Finals. Early in the quarter Mario Chalmers picked up his 5th foul and checked out.

3rd Quarter

I also feel the need to point out that LeBron got away with this flagrant foul on Thiago Splitter:

After trailing by nine during the quarter, Miami will go into the fourth with a four point lead.

Ray Allen may have just won basketball:

Ray Allen forgot the script and is playing like Jesus Shuttlesworth.

The big boys are out to play tonight:

Meanwhile in San Antonio:

With 3:53 left, the Heat call time out as the Spurs take the lead thanks to Manu’s excellent work that takes him to 16 points for the night.

This air conditioning thing is getting out of control:

NBA Finals Air Conditioning, Spurs AC

Chris Anderson Birdman Miami Heat


Both teams have come out hot in the second half. What’s really good is how much time ABC are dedicating to covering the lack of a/c in the AT&T Center.

At halt-time, the Spurs take a 54-49 lead into the locker room. LeBron had his moments but D. Wade has been carrying this Heat team. For the Spurs, Manu’s 11-points have led San Antonio in this interesting battle.

2nd Quarter

He might be a slow mover most of the time, but Boris Diaw can still get it done. It’s as if the Heat defense didn’t notice Duncan was standing there.

Boris Diaw Gif NBA Finals

The word coming from the stands is that the air conditioning in the AT&T Center is not working. Fans are, well, fanning themselves all around the arena.

Meanwhile on the other side, the Spurs’ bench has contributed 21 of their 42 points.

Dwayne Wade is making this game about him. He’s 5-6 in the paint while the rest of his team mates are just 2-8.

There’s one thing we might remember this finals series for, and that’s this reaction from Tim Duncan:

Tim Duncan Reaction Gif NBA Finals

With 6:45 played in the second D. Wade gave the Heat a 38-36 lead, that put the Heat on a 8-0 run. Worrying times for San Antonio. Meanwhile, there’s been some foulin’ going on on Chalmers:

It’s Lebron’s game, we should be lucky he lets us all watch:

LeBron James Game 1 NBA Finals


Spurs score first in the second quarter, Heat not panicking. I didn’t expect them to panic.

1st Quarter

So at that’s it for the first quarter. The main talking points are Manu Ginobili’s shooting and Dwayne Wade’s outstanding spin move against Tim Duncan. It’s Heat 20 Spurs 26 going into the second quarter.

A huge takeaway from the first quarter has been Spurs star Manu Ginobili and his making it rain from 3-point areas:

Manu Ginobli Gif

Greg Popovich could probably just wear this face for the rest of the finals:

The first highlight move of the series comes from Dwayne Wade. A nice spin, fake and score, results in a time out being called by the Spurs. The move was nice, I’m talking Rajon Rondo nice.

Dwayne Wade Spin Move Tim Duncan Gif

Before that move, LeBron brought the first dunk of the series with a breakaway move:

Lebron Dunk Gif

And we are off in the 2014 NBA Finals. Chris Bosh gets the first score of the 2014 NBA Finals with a two point jumper.


The narrative this year is spectacular. The veteran Spurs are out to prove they can still do it while the Heat are looking for three-peat. And that’s not even mentioning the epic 2013 Finals series, relive it here:

REDEMPTION – Spurs vs Heat 2014 NBA FinalsThe San Antonio Spurs are headed back to the NBA Finals to seek redemption against the Miami Heat. I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE FOOTAGE OR MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO2014-06-03T16:37:11Z

Just in case you forgot about how LeBron steps it up when it comes to the finals:

Something to note about tonight’s finals being a repeat of the 2013 series, there have only been six NBA finals rematches in history. The 90s Bulls were the only team to avoid a split in their 1997/98 series against the Utah Jazz. Watch the highlights of the ’98 finals here:

It would be fun to hang out in the Heat locker room:

Are these guys conjoined twins?

So according to Fox News 4, this sandwich is on offer tonight at the AT&T Center:

The sandwich contains three different BBQ meats and three cheeses, I think it used to be Shaq’s pre-game meal.

We are just minutes away from tip off in the 2014 NBA Finals Game 1 live from the AT&T Center in San Antonio as the Heat battle the Spurs. As you all know, it’s a rematch of the 2013 finals, so what’s going to happen? Will the Spurs get revenge or will LeBron get his third ring and lead the Heat to yet another championship? Check out the Associated Press preview here.

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