Heat vs. Spurs in Game 2: Scores, Recap & Highlights

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FINAL Score:

MIA: 98
SAS: 96

The Miami Heat are now 6-0 in Game 2 games, managing to come back once again to tie up the series 1-1 with a 98-96 win over San Antonio. San Antonio did not go down easily in Game 2 as the best players in the league dropped basket after basket fans on the edge of their seats throughout the entire game. Lebron James led the way for Miami after a slow start for the Heat and a quick start for the Spurs. There is no doubt that James’ performance was the difference between the scores from Game 2 and Game 1.

Click here for the box score and stats recap.

Here’s the recap of Game 2:

Bosh Closed Out the Game With a 3-Pointer

After Parker hit a 3 to put the Spurs up 93-92, the Heat gained momentum when Lebron James passed the ball to Bosh who made an open triple from the corner to put the Heat ahead 95-93 with 1 minute, 18 seconds remaining. In the last moments of the games, Chris Bosh buried a 3-pointer of his own followed by a layup by Dwayne Wade to seal the win, putting the Heat up by 5 points with 9.5 seconds left. Watch Bosh’s 3-pointer in the video above.

Bosh made mid range jumpers and corner 3-pointers to total 19 points in the game with James assisting many of his shots.

Bosh said of teammate Lebron James:

“He’s the most unselfish player I’ve ever played with.”

Lebron James Dominated the Court

James silenced anyone who doubted him after his cramo fiasco in Game 1 when he shut down the Spurs after a slow start. James’ performance was reflected his reputation as the best basketball player in the world when he scored 14 points in the 3rd quarter alone with 22 points total in the second half. Watch the video above to see him score 8 points in a row.

James said in the post-game press conference:

I just try to make plays on the court and put myself and my teammates in a position to succeed.”

King James scored 35 points in 36 minutes with 22 shots. He caught fire in the last half of the game burying baskets and tallying 10 rebounds. This makes him the only player next to Shaquille O’Neal to shoot over 60 percent with 35 and 10 in the last 25 NBA Finals.

Kawhi Leonard Fouled Out

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If anyone on the Spurs can defend Lebron James, it’s Kawhi Leonard. Leonard found himself in trouble while guarding Lebron, leaving him to total only 9 points before fouling out.

Despite how hard the task assigned was, Leonard’s main responsibility was to cover Lebron and he did not follow through. If he doesn’t step up his play in the next game, the Spurs will be shut down again by James broke a record in Game 2 with his impressive stats.

The Spurs Lost Their Chance in the Second Quarter

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The Spurs hit the ground running in the first quarter, leading after the first quarter with a 24-16 lead. Duncan showed why at the age of 38 he has had one of the best careers in NBA history, playing as well as he did when he started 17 years ago. He ended the quarter with 11 points of the 26.

When Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich was asked what he wanted to see for the next quarter, he jokingly responded:

I’d like to see Lebron play poorly.”

By halftime, the Heat had caught up to the Spurs, tying the game at 43-43. The Spurs got sloppier, missing layups and racking up turnovers as the Heat gained momentum going into the third quarter.

Gregg Popvich said of the Spurs’ performance:

“It’s gotta be a group effort and we didn’t do that…you either move it or you die.”

The Spurs Missed 4 Foul Shots in a Row

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When Tony Parker fell to the ground after being elbowed by Mario Chalmers, it really went downhill for the Spurs. With 6:43 left in the game, Parker took two foul shots while appearing to still be in pain, missing both. Tim Duncan was fouled shortly after and followed it up with another two missed shots. After 4 missed foul shots, James responded with a 3-pointer to turn the game around.

Miami’s Defense Locked Down the Spurs in the Last Quarter

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Despite the Spurs’ famous offensive passing game, the Heat figured out how to shut it down just in time to steal the win.

James rallied the Heat’s offense, at the same time that they took control of the game defensively. Although it took them until the fourth quarter to get a good grasp on the Spurs’ ridiculous passing game on offense, they managed to only allow the Spurs to get 6 points by on their last 10 possessions.

Tony Parker played his heart out, scoring a 3 pointer at the end to give the Spurs a 93-92 lead a minute before the clock hit 0.0.

This NBA Final means a 5th title for the Spurs or a 4th for the Heat. Miami has proven many times over now that they can come back to win a series under any circumstances, while the Spurs have shown how strong the core of their team with a seemingly flawless passing game on offense. At this point the title can go either way, but most predictions depened on the state of King James and whether he will perform as he did in Game 1 or in Game 2.