Hollywood Diets that Work: Paleo Diet

Paleo is both gluten-free and low-carb since caveman eaters consume meats, fish, vegetables and avoid grains and anything packaged. So it’s no surprise that celebrities and athletes have found success with this old/new way of eating.

Celebrities that Love the Paleo Diet and Caveman Eating

Elizabeth Hurley on the Paleo Diet

Actress and Model Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley followed the Paleo diet to get slim (or slimmer) for her wedding to Arun Nayar in 2007.

Jessica Biel on the Paleo Diet


Jessica has a famous ripped physique, and she thanks Crossfit and a regular Paleo diet for her body.

Matthew McConaughey on the Paleo Diet


He’s famous for always being shirtless, and most people don’t complain too much about the view. Matthew McConaughey has said in interviews that he eats Paleo 90% of the time.

Adriana Lima on the Paleo Diet


This Victoria’s Secret model follows the Paleo plan; her nutritionist is a fan of the lifestyle.

Kobe Bryan on the Paleo Diet

Los Angeles Lakers v New Orleans Hornets

The entire L.A. Lakers were put on a modified Paleo diet by the team nutritionist, and Kobe Bryant has been quoted saying that he feels the diet’s positive effects on his performance.