James Holland: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Australia’s 25-year-old James Holland is playing in his first World Cup for the Aussies. After an injury on the team, he is expected to fill the spot and do big things. Watch the video above to see Holland’s personality come out in his narration of the Australian team’s journey to Brazil.

Here’s what you need to know about him:

1. He is Filling the Spot for Mark Milligan

james holland, james holland australia


Australia’s starting midfielder, Mark Milligan will be out due to a hamstring strain, leaving a spot to fill in the starting lineup between midfielders Mark Bresciano and captain Mile Jedinak.

Holland and teammates Massimo Luongu, Oliver Bozanic and Matt McKay were the options for the filler, but Holland won out after proving his impressive passing skills in previous appearances for the national team.

2. This is His First World Cup

james holland, james holland australia


Holland has represented Australia’s U-20 and U-23 national teams, but made his big debut for the Socceroos in 2008 when when they faced Singapore.

Although he has never played a world cup, he participated in the World Cup qualifier that year against China when he was put in as a substitute.

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3. He Plays for an Austrian Club

james holland, james holland australia


In January 2012, Holland transferrerd from Dutch club AZ Alkmaar, signing an 18 month contract with Austrian Bundesliga to join the Austria Wien after practicing with the team.

4. He Was Captain of the Young Socceroos

james holland, james holland australia


Holland has been the captain of the Young Socceroos since he was a part of the U-19 team 6 years ago.

5. He is Single

Holland is currently single, but seems interested in looking shown by his instagram above where that he captioned:

Check out this Socceroos fan I came across!!! #heythere #thoseeyes #stopit #callme.”

Holland and has a close relationship with his family, especially his sister.

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