Lety Sahagun: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Lety Sahagun, Hernandez Girlfriend, Sahagun WAG

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22-year-old Lety Sahagun is smart, beautiful, and dating one of the most famous soccer players in the world. She is the long-time girlfriend of one of Mexico’s most adored athletes, Javier Chicharito Hernandez, despite speculation that he’s cheating on Sahagun with an 18-year-old actress.

Find out more about the beautiful reporter below.

1. Chicarito Is Rumored to be Cheating on Sahagun With an 18-Year-Old Actress Named Chaska Borek

Chaska Borek, Chaska Borek Girlfriend

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Since 2011, Chicharito has been rumored to be cheating on Sahagun with Chaska Borek. The soccer player was reportedly having dinner with the Borek last September at the Globe restaurant in England. Sources say the two asked not to be interrupted during dinner, and exited through the back door after their meal. She is rumored to have posted a comment to her facebook account that night that read “missing him…Wish I was in Mexico.” Despite these allegations, friends of Sahagun and Hernandez say the couple is going strong and is in constant communication.

Borek studies at Cambridge University and was born to an American mother and Hawaiian father. She speaks German, English, and French fluently. The young Hawaiian beauty is also an actress, and posted on her Twitter page constantly when she traveled to Canada to audition for the role of Rachel Black in Twilight (Taylor Lautner’s sister in the film).

2. She’s a Host at E!

Lety Sahagun, Hernandez girlfriend, Lety Sahagun WAG

(Tumblr/Lety Sahagun)

Sahagun studied at the Centro Escolar Los Altos in Zapopan– a school famous for its Opus Dei beleifs. She attended Monterrey Tec where she focused on International Relations.

At E! Sahagun blogs about fashion and style. She often visits showrooms to scout out new designer collections that she think will make a bold statement in the fashion world. Last month, Sahagun met Jorge Duque, a designer who won the Latin American version of Project Runway in 2010, and was immediately taken by his gorgeous designs. Duque let Sahagun try on a beautiful white and gold dress that she can’t forget about and that fit her body like a glove.

3. She Interviewed Ian Somerhalder

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Sahagun recently interviewed the Vampire Diaries star and wrote about the experience on her Tumblr page.

I got to interview him last week and he is one of the best surprises I’ve had work wise. Something that ironically happens very often, is that sometimes the most recognized actors, artists,and designers are very down to earth, while those who are just starting or have smaller careers can be the ones to act more like divas.

Sahagun enjoyed getting to know Somerhalder, and said he was one of the most easygoing guys she’s ever met. He greeted everyone in the room before starting the interview, and thanked everyone for their time before leaving.

Sahagun highlighted Somerhalder’s work with The Ian Somerhalder Foundation, an environmental institution that raises funds to help global conversation and green energy development.


4. Sahagun Comes from a Prestigious Mexican Family

Lety Sahagun, Lety Sahagun girlfriend

(Tumblr/Lety Sahagun)

Sahagun has one sister, Renata, and two brothers, Rodrigo and Jamie. According to fabwags.com, she is the daughter of one of the most prestigious and conservative families in all of Jalisco. Her parents are Lety Acevedo de Sahagun and Jamie Sahagun.

5. Sahagun and Chicharito Are One of the ’10 Sexiest Couples’

Lety Sahagun and Javier Hernanez, Lety Sahagun Chicharito girlfriend

(Tumblr/Lety Sahagun)

Friends of the couple say they have a strong relationship, and that Lety is the first person Chicharito calls after a match. Members of Chicharito’s team say that whenever the star meets someone, the first thing he does is introduce his girlfriend.

He told Who magazine,

I want to be a husband, I want to be a parent. Right now I’m fine, I have my family, my girlfriend named Laty Sahagun, and we’re very good, very happy, very happy.

In 2010, Who magazine voted them one of the ’10 Sexiest Couples’ of the year.