Mikkel ‘Mix’ Diskerud: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Mikkel “Mix” Diskerud is one of the many bi-national soccer stars that chose to represent the U.S. national team in this year’s World Cup. Check out his interview for the MLS Insider series, “One Nation, One Team, 23 Stories.”

Here’s what you need to know about the soccer star:

1. He Had a Failed Attempt to Transfer to the MLS

mikkel diskerud


Diskerud began his professional career playing for Staebek in the top tier Norweigan league, Tippeligaen from 2005-2012. The center midfielder moved to Norway’s Rosenborg BK in August of 2012 and currently plays for them still.

Rosenborg BK has plans to keep Diskerud as long as possible with rumors of an extended long-term contract that the club plans to offer him. Diskerud almost switched to the MLS when the Portland Timbers offered him a contract in late 2012, but the deal failed to come through because of a dispute of the MLS transfer policies.

2. His Mother Nicknamed Him ‘Mix’

mikkel diskerud


During his early years, Diskerud was running around the house as soon as he learned to walk, inspiring his mother to start calling him the mixmaster.

The soccer star is known by his teammates, fans and close friends now as Mix.

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3. He Has Represented Both Norway and the U.S. Internationally

Diskerud’s is one of the many players on the U.S. national team roster who has two passports. The soccer star was born on October 2, 1990 to his mother who is originally from Arizona and his father who is from Oslo, Norway where the Diskeruds reside today.

Diskerud played for Norway until he was scouted by the United States U-20 coach, Thomas Rongen during one of his games. After seeing Diskerud’s skill he asked him if he had an American passport, and lucky for the U.S. U-20 team, Diskerud does. In April of 2008, Diskerud made his debut for the American U-20 national team under Rongen, tallying 3 assists to help them beat Northern Ireland.

Since Diskerud was only 18 at the time, he later went back to Norway to represent the Norwegian U-18’s team, playing in a game against the United States. The soccer world wondered where he would choose to play internationally in the future, and when asked about it he responded with indifference, saying he’ll play with whoever calls him up first from either country.

In 2009 his indifference changed and he told media that in the U.S. called him he would accept their offer first and foremost, however he had not heard from them since the year before. A few weeks after he made that statement he was invited back to play for the U.S. U-20 team who he later represented. After his first appearance in 2009 for the U.S., he cemented his choice to play internationally for the United States.

Diskerud said to Yanks-Abroad.com:

I am a Norwegian-American. I would love to play for both countries, but I can’t.”

4. He Has a Ridiculous Hat Collection

mikkel diskerud


Mix is known for his energy, spontaneity and great hair. In his interview with MLS Insider, he told them his favorite pastimes when he isn’t playing soccer are juggling, adding to his hat collection and playing with the cat that lives in his neighborhood. Most of his collection is made up of New York Yankee hats because there are so many different kinds according to his interview with MLS Insider.

5. He Has Been a Part of the USMNT Since 2010

Since 2010, Diskerud has made appearances for the U.S. national team in the 2012 Olympic qualifiers, 2013 Gold Cup, and 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifying round, to total 3 goals in his international career. This year the center middie will be wearing the #10 jersey, the shirt previously donned by Landon Donovan who was cut from this year’s roster.

Diskerud spoke of his allegiance to the US. national team to Goal.com after being asked about the failed transfer deal to the MLS:

The U.S. national team has allowed me to shake Nelson Mandela’s hand, and to listen to his advice live. They have let me pull an equalizer against Russia in Russia while Putin allegedly spilled hot coffee on his tie. The USMNT has both surprised me, and let me surprise them. Looking back, before I look forward, I bet we are not through surprising each other.”

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