Orange Is the New Black Season 2 Episode 13 Review: Top 5 Spoilers

The suspenseful last episode ended with Vee attacking Red in the greenhouse and beating her with a sock full of objects. The screen turned red without us known whether or not our beloved Red is alive. Here is episode 13, the finale of Orange is the New Black season 2. It’s titled “We Have Manners. We’re Polite.” How will the season conclude?

Here is the recap, review, and best spoilers of the season finale:

1. Vee Wants to Pin Red’s Attack on Crazy Eyes

vee lorraine toussaint shows up taystees mom


Although everyone knows about Vee and Red’s feud, Vee orchestrates a plan to pin the attack on Crazy Eyes. She has a history of weird behavior and has been incredibly loyal to Vee so it wouldn’t be illogical that she could do it.

Even poor Red, who is alive by the way, wouldn’t tell the investigators who attacked her.

2. Piper Tries to Make a Deal With Caputo To Bring Down Figueroa

orange is the new black


Both Piper and Caputo have something to gain from exposing Figueroa’s embezzlement. Piper gets her transfer to Virginia squashed, and in return, Figueroa can hopefully become the new warden of the prison. He gives the incriminating documents administrators, but not before he tricks Figueroa into giving him oral sex.

3. Miss Rosa’s Cancer Treatment Isn’t Working

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 5.56.54 AM

As the season winds to a close, Miss Rosa, who has been struggling with cancer, visits the hospital. There, the doctor tells her she’s not responding to the cancer treatment.

4. Alex is Going Back to Prison

Alex Vaus, still terrified her ex-drug kingpin boss is coming for her because she testified against him, answers the door with a loaded gun in her hand. This is a big no-no for her parole officer, hilariously named Davie Crockett. She will most likely be joining her ex-sweetheard and newly-single Piper in prison.

5. Vee Tries to Escape, But Is Hit by a Car

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 3.57.18 AM

Miss Rosa, unwilling to die in prison, jets away from the prison in the van. She rams the van through the gate, making the protesting nuns scatter. Then, on the road to freedom, she strikes the escaping Vee dead.

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