Pilar Rubio: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

El Intermedio IE: Entrevista a Pilar RubioPilar Rubio, la hija pródiga de laSexta, llega a 'El Intermedio International Edition' para mostrar su lado más sensible y su lado más macarra. Y es que, la reportera de 'Sé lo que hicisteis…' confiesa que en su época "pandillera" iba a los polígonos para abrir los coches y robarles las cintas vírgenes para grabar…2013-03-04T12:56:55.000Z

Pilar Rubio has been dating Real Madrid and Spain defender Sergio Ramos since 2012. A renowned television personality, actress, and model, Rubio has quite a bit more on her resume than a typical WAG.

Here’s what you need to know about this Spanish stunner.

1. She’s A Television Reporter & Presenter

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Rubio began her career studying economics, but (wise decision) dropped the pursuit of her degree to model and act instead. After appearing in several men’s magazines, she made the cut for a handful of small film productions and commercials. She hit the big time with Sé lo que hicisteis (You Know What You Did) a news format program on Spanish TV station La Sexta.

2. Rubio Met Ramos In 2012

Pilar Rubio, Sergio Ramos, Spain, WAGs, World Cup, soccer, awards, award show


Though she’s almost a decade older than Ramos, the couple has been hot and heavy for almost two years. They officially met at Spain’s World Cup victory celebration in Madrid that she was covering and he was attending. Rumor has it, however, that Ramos had asked Rubio for her number well before they officially met.

3. Rubio & Ramos Have A Newborn Son

Pilar Rubio, Sergio Ramos, Spain, WAGs, World Cup, soccer, WAG baby, Sergio Ramos Rubio

(Real Madrid Twitter; @TrustRealMadrid)

In late April Rubio gave birth to Sergio Ramos Rubio, the happy couple’s first child. Ramos made the announcement to the world via Twitter, tweeting to his 4.32 million followers that he would “like to share with you our joy and happiness for the birth of our first child.” In keeping with Spanish naming traditions, the child retains his father’s last name as his first surname and his mother’s as his second.

4. Rubio Won Best Television Reporter AND Sexiest Woman

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In 2007 Rubio was named Premio Joven’s best television reporter for her work on Sé lo que hicisteis and other programs. The award is meant to recognize any person for excellence in her artistic field, from fine arts and science fiction to economics and communication. In 2009, Rubio was named the Sexiest Woman On The Planet by FHM Magazine España.

5. Topless Photos Of Her Were Printed In 2012

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In 2012, Rubio’s ta-tas were featured in Interviu magazine. This wasn’t an issue of the magazine publishing unauthorized photos—Rubio posed willingly, and worked the camera like she’d done it before. You’re up, Katie Couric.

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