Pilger, Nebraska Tornadoes: The Videos You Need to See

VideoVideo related to pilger, nebraska tornadoes: the videos you need to see2014-06-17T10:47:27-04:00

On Monday, as twin tornadoes descended on the small town of Pilger, Nebraska, a number of intrepid reporters, meteorologists, storm chasers, and people stuck in their cars filmed the devastation. The storm leveled more than half the town and killed at least two people, including a 5-year-old girl.

Here are the most shocking videos of this rare and terrifying weather system laying waste to a small town.

VideoVideo related to pilger, nebraska tornadoes: the videos you need to see2014-06-17T10:47:27-04:00

Buildings flying through the air! Deadly Nebraska TornadoDamaging Tornado in Pilger NE June 16, 2014. If interested please contact NewsFlare.com. Visit Tornadohunter.com for more video and incredible images.2014-06-17T00:13:28.000Z

6/16/14 Pilger, NE Destructive Twin TornadoesTwo violent, damaging tornadoes near Pilger, NE around 4:00pm CDT. Prayer needed for Pilger! For media usage contact Kory Hartman at kory.hartman@gmail.com. Don't forget to subscribe for new vids and follow us on Facebook & Twitter FB: facebook.com/basehunters Twitter: twitter.com/Basehunters @Basehunters2014-06-17T00:32:07.000Z

The day of of twin tornadoes in Nebraska – June 16, 2014I documented at least 5 strong tornadoes in northeast Nebraska on June 16, 2014, including one that did significant damage in Pilger. The first tornado that touched down curved west as it strengthened and grew very large, narrowly missing the town of Stanton, but unfortunately doing significant damage to a farmstead northwest of the town.…2014-06-17T03:45:00.000Z

Tornado Damage, June 2014 – Pilger, NEDuring the afternoon of Monday, June 16, 2014, several tornadoes touched down in northeast Nebraska. Later that same evening, the Nebraska State Patrol conducted a helicopter flyover of tornado damage at the request of the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA). The Nebraska State Patrol has a Bell 407 helicopter. The helicopter's video equipment was paid…2014-06-17T12:51:46.000Z

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