Timothy Buffington: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

timothy buffington, murderer escapes in arkansas

(Arkansas Department of Correction)

A murderer is on the loose after escaping from an Arkansas prison with a loaded police shotgun.

Timothy “Bo” Buffington, 47, is the subject of a massive manhunt and has attempted to take a hostage.

Here’s what you should know about Buffington, his escape, and the danger he poses.

This is a breaking story. Stay tuned for updates.

1. He Shot His Ex-Wife in the Back of the Head

In July of 1998 Buffington blasted his 23-year-old ex-wife in the back of the head with a rifle as she sat in a pickup truck with her boyfriend.

Rhonda Combs, 23, was the mother of Buffington’s two children, and they were fighting for custody.

Buffington was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to 20 years in jail. He was due to be released in 2018.

2. There’s a Terrifying 911 Call From a Woman He Took Hostage After He Escaped

Buffington escaped on Saturday night by walking off his work detail at the Pine Bluff Unit of the Arkansas Department of Correction.

Buffington had access to a home on prison grounds as part of his work duties, and on Saturday he smashed his way into a dead-bolted safe room at the house and stole a loaded shotgun.

A woman who lives in there called 911 to report that she had been kidnapped by the escapee.

“I was kidnapped and I just got away,” the woman tells the operator in the 911 call, which you can hear above. “He is armed, and he will shoot. He has ammo, and he has a shotgun. … He has four dogs, a shotgun, ammo, and other keys — he can get more weapons.”

The woman did not leave prison grounds with Buffington. It’s unclear how she broke free.

3. He Was a ‘Trustee Inmate’ With Privileges to Roam Outside the Fence

The video above shows Buffington on surveillance video armed with a gun and wearing camouflage attempting to break into someone’s home. Skip to 20:54 to see Buffington attempt to enter the home.

Buffington was a so-called “trustee inmate,” a designation that granted him privileges to work outside the fenced-in area of the Arkansas Department of Correction’s Pine Bluff prison. He performed yard work and janitorial tasks.

He was a model inmate who had no record of bad behavior.

4. He’s Armed & Dangerous

(Google Maps)

(Google Maps)

The satellite image above shows the location of the Pine Bluff unit relative to the town of Pine Bluff, Ark.

Buffington is believed to be armed with a loaded shotgun and a backpack full of ammunition.

He’s white, bald, 5-foot-6 and 182 pounds and was last seen wearing white prison clothes.

Anyone who sees him is urged to stay out of his way and call police immediately.

KATV spoke with Buffington’s half brother, Phil Combs. In spite of the warnings from the Arkansas Department of Correction, Combs doesn’t think Buffington is trying to hurt anyone. He said:

I don’t believe he’s out to hurt anybody. I think he took the gun for, more or less, for his own protection in case they try to hurt him, because there’s something wrong.

5. There’s a Massive Manhunt Under Way, But so Far no Sign of Him

After Buffington’s escape, law enforcement authorities in Arkansas launched a manhunt, using horses and dogs and searching barns and other buildings. They responded to a one report of shots fired but found no sign of Buffington. As of Wednesday morning he has not been seen. A spokesperson for the Arkansas Department of Correction said the search will expand state-wide until Buffington is back in custody.


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Why isn’t Wayne Fletcher in jail too? Why would a boyfriend take his girlfriend out to where her ex husband Tim was at? Why didn’t he go straight to the hospital instead of the police station? To much just don’t add up on this! Guess Wayne has a reason to be scared for being a nark!!!!!!


Arkansas’s Prison system is a joke!!!! I would like to address the spokes person for the Prison System!!!
Well first of all Mrs. Wilson, it is very apparent that you and the so called prison did not do its job. Also, you have never lost anyone to a ruthless killer because if you have you wouldn’t be making stupid comments to the media. Maybe there needs to be a restitution paid to the family of the victims for everyday that thee maniacs runs free, I bet you would have already caught him if this was the case, or maybe he wouldn’t have gotten out in the first place. Also, this man wasn’t even in prison for 4 years before you made him a trustee, hmm that sounds like he didn’t do much time at all for a ruthless killing!!!! Rhonda is my 1st cousin and I grew up with a beautiful loving person, who came from a great family and when this maniac did this to her it just about killed all of us. This man is an evil sociopath and doesn’t care for anyone but his selfish self. He didn’t even care enough for his children or he wouldn’t have sent them to live with his side of the family , but because they are grown now I won’t say much about how that turned out… I will let them come out and speak about that on their own. I can say this our side of the family should have gotten those kids and because of crooked judges and lawyers in that so called town of his, well they suffered. He should have gotten the death penalty because it was a premeditated murder and believe me if he would have done this down here in Texas, he would have and justice would have been served. I was six months pregnant with my first son and at 22 years old, when I heard this horrible crime I almost had a nervous breakdown. I am exactly 6 months older than Rhonda and now I am 40 and should would be this Oct., we all grew up with such a life loving person who I will never get to share another moment with….. I miss her dearly and he better pray that the police finds him before someone in her family does!!!!!

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