USA vs Germany: Torrential Rain Floods Recife

Heavy rains are falling on Recife, the Brazilian costal city where the highly-anticipated World Cup match between USA and Germany will take place at noon Eastern time without a delay.

Recife inundado 26/06/142014-06-26T12:51:30.000Z

Pictures emerging on Twitter show soccer fans abandoning their cars in the flooded streets and attempting to walk the 17 miles between the flooded areas of Recife and the stadium, with many more unsure of how to get there on time.

FIFA has already confirmed that the game will begin without a delay. Thus far in the tournament weather conditions and heat have done little to stall the rate of play. Pictures do reveal, however, and incredibly damp field.

The amount of rain in the stadium and pummeling the pitch may just add to the tense mood as the two teams clash.