Vincent Aboubakar: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Vincent Aboubakar cameroon


Vincent Aboubakar, 22, may be Cameroon’s only hope against Croatia in the 2014 World Cup. The young striker, known for his speed and strength, will finally get his chance to gain international notoriety as their team struggles not to be eliminated.

Here is what you need to know:

1. He Plays for Lorient



Aboubakar plays for the “modest” team Lorient, in the primary French league. There he has the impressive stats of 16 goals in 35 appearances.

2. Cameroon Team Captain and Fellow Striker Samuel Eto’o is Out

Cameroon team captain and legendary striker Samuel Eto’o, announced that due to a knee injury he would be unable to play in the Wednesday, June 18 game against Croatia.

3. Cameroon’s Coach Believes He Will Pose Problems for Croatia



Speaking to the Guardian, Cameroonian coach Henri Manga explained:

Aboubakar has really improved his finishing skills and has developed real composure over the year. His speed and predatory skills make him very important to Finke’s team, as does his ability on the ball. He is very dangerous. He is one of our best weapons and I am sure our opponents are aware of that.

4. He Was the Third Highest Goal Scorer in French Football

Aboubakar is the third highest scorer in Ligue 1. Above you can see a highlight reel of his goals this season.

5. Cameroon Plays Croatia for Elimination at 6 p.m.

Samuel Eto'o Cameroon Mexico


You can follow Heavy’s coverage of the exciting elimination game here.

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