World Cup 2014 TV Schedule

Garrincha stadium in World Cup 2014

The World Cup starts Thursday in Brazil, and we’ve got you covered with the full American TV schedule. If you’re hoping to watch the tournament online or to watch on TV outside the U.S., click here for a breakdown on how to do it.

In addition to the games listed below, ESPN also has coverage of the opening ceremony, with coverage beginning at 2. Here’s the full schedule:

First Round:

Thursday, June 12

4 p.m.: Brazil vs. Croatia (ESPN)

Friday, June 13

12 p.m.: Mexico vs. Cameroon (ESPN2)

3 p.m.: Spain vs. Netherlands (ESPN)

6 p.m.: Chile vs. Australia (ESPN2)

Saturday, June 14

12 p.m.: Colombia vs. Greece (ABC)

3 p.m.: Uruguay vs. Costa Rica (ABC)

6 p.m.: England vs. Italy (ABC)

9 p.m.: Ivory Coast vs. Japan (ESPN)

Sunday, June 15

12 p.m.: Switzerland vs. Ecuador (ABC)

3 p.m.: France vs. Honduras (ABC)

6 p.m.: Argentina vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina (ESPN)

Monday, June 16

12 p.m.: Germany vs. Portugal (ESPN)

3 p.m.: Iran vs. Nigeria (ESPN)

6 p.m.: Ghana vs. United States (ESPN)

Tuesday, June 17

12 p.m.: Belgium vs. Algeria (ESPN)

3 p.m.: Brazil vs. Mexico (ESPN)

6 p.m.: Russia vs. South Korea (ESPN)

Wednesday, June 18

12 p.m.: Australia vs. Netherlands (ESPN)

3 p.m.: Spain vs. Chile (ESPN)

6 p.m.: Cameroon vs. Croatia (ESPN)

Thursday, June 19

12 p.m.: Colombia vs. Ivory Coast (ESPN)

3 p.m.: Uruguay vs. England (ESPN)

6 p.m.: Japan vs. Greece (ESPN)

Friday, June 20

12 p.m.: Italy vs. Costa Rica (ESPN)

3 p.m.: Switzerland vs. France (ESPN)

6 p.m.: Honduras vs. Ecuador (ESPN)

Saturday, June 21

12 p.m.: Argentina vs. Iran (ESPN)

3 p.m.: Germany vs. Ghana (ESPN)

6 p.m.: Nigeria vs. Bosnia Herzegovina (ESPN)

Sunday, June 22

12 p.m.: Belgium vs. Russia (ABC)

3 p.m.: South Korea vs. Algeria (ABC)

6 p.m.: United States vs. Portugal (ESPN)

Monday, June 23

12 p.m.: Netherlands vs. Chile (ESPN2)

12 p.m.: Australia vs. Spain (ESPN)

4 p.m.: Croatia vs. Mexico (ESPN)

4 p.m.: Cameroon vs. Brazil (ESPN2)

Tuesday, June 24

12 p.m.: Italy vs. Uruguay (ESPN)

12 p.m.: Costa Rica vs. England (ESPN2)

4 p.m.: Japan vs. Colombia (ESPN)

4 p.m.: Greece vs. Ivory Coast (ESPN2)

Wednesday, June 25

12 p.m.: Nigeria vs. Argentina (ESPN)

12 p.m.: Bosnia Herzegovina vs. Iran (ESPN2)

4 p.m.: Ecuador vs. France (ESPN2)

4 p.m.: Honduras vs. Switzerland (ESPN)

Thursday, June 26

12 p.m.: United States vs. Germany (ESPN)

12 p.m.: Portugal vs. Ghana (ESPN2)

4 p.m.: South Korea vs. Belgium (ESPN)

4 p.m.: Algeria vs. Russia (ESPN2)

Second Round: 16 Teams

Saturday, June 28

12 p.m.: 1A vs. 2B (ABC)

4 p.m.: 1C vs. 2D (ABC)

Sunday, June 29

12 p.m.: 1B vs. 2A (ESPN)

4 p.m.: 1D vs. 2C (ESPN)

Monday, June 30

12 p.m.: 1E vs. 2F (ESPN)

4 p.m.: 1G vs. 2H(ESPN)

Tuesday, July 1

12 p.m.: 1F vs. 2E (ESPN)

4 p.m.: 1H vs. 2G (ESPN)

Quarterfinals (8 Teams)

Friday, July 4

12 p.m.: Last Round Winners (ESPN2)

4 p.m.: Last Round Winners (ESPN)

Saturday, July 5

12 p.m.: Last Round Winners (ABC)

4 p.m. Laster Round Winners (ESPN)

Semifinals: 4 Teams

Tuesday, July 8

4 p.m.: Quarterfinal winners (ESPN)

Wednesday, July 9

4 p.m.: Quarterfinal winners at Arena Corinthians, Sao Paulo (ESPN)

Third Place Game: Saturday, July 12

4 p.m.:(ESPN)

Final Game: Sunday, July 13

4 p.m.: (ABC)

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