WWE Announces Latest Round of Talent Releases (2014)

Update: This list has been updated with every released WWE talent who got their walking papers in 2014.


Every year, World Wrestling Entertainment has the unfortunate job of releasing several of their wrestling/onscreen talents. Today (June 12, 2014) marks the latest instance where a number of talented athletes have been let go by the WWE. Check out the full list below to see who’s no longer a part of the Vince McMahon’s global wrestling empire:

Drew Mcintyre

• Drew McIntyre

Alberto Del Rio

• Alberto Del Rio

Jinder Mahal

• Jinder Mahal

Theodore Long

• Theodore Long

Curt Hawkins

• Curt Hawkins

Camacho WWE

• Camacho

Evan Bourne

• Evan Bourne

Brodus Clay

• Brodus Clay

Yoshi Tatsu

• Yoshi Tatsu

Aksana WWE

• Aksana



Marc Harris WWE

• Marc Harris (referee)

Josh Matthews

• Josh Matthews

Ricardo Rodriguez WWE

• Ricardo Rodriguez

Justin Roberts

• Justin Roberts

Mike Yeaton WWE

• Mark Yeaton

And as always, WWE wishes them all good luck in their future endeavors.

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