Angel di Maria: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

angel di maria


Angel di Maria, nicknamed “the Noodle,” is one of the many parts of the Argentina national team that makes them so great. Watch the video above to see highlights of the best players in the World Cup including di Maria.

Unfortunately for Argentina, Di Maria will not be there to help them during the semifinal on Wednesday against the Netherlands due to a thigh injury.

Here’s what you need to know about Messi’s right-hand man:

1. His Thigh Injury is Keeping Him Out of the Semifinal vs. Netherlands

angel di maria


The whole country of Argentina’s heart dropped when striker Angel Di Maria limped off the field on Saturday in the quarterfinal vs. Belgium due to a thigh injury in the first half of the game after assisting Gonzalo Higuain’s winning goal.

Di Maria will be replaced by Sergio Aguero who had just recovered from the same injury.

Although Argentina’s doctor Daniel Martinez declared the strain was mild, di Maria is still not fit to play in the rest of the World Cup.

Before his assist in the quarterfinal against Belgium, he scored against Switzerland For Argentina to advance past the Round of 16. After 118 minutes of scoreless play, di Maria received a pass from Lionel Messi and proceeded to net a low shot past Switzerland’s goalkeeper. The overtime goal carried Argentina into the quarterfinals, fueling hope within his teammates’ dreams to clinch the World Cup.

The goal was a bit like de ja vu from the 2008 Beijing Olympics when Messi assisted a goal scored by di Maria to advance the team past the quarterfinals in overtime.

In his international career for Argentina (starting in 2007), he has scored 10 goals in 51 appearances.

2. Manchester United Offered $54.3 Million For Him

angel di maria


Di Maria signed a 5 year contract for $34 million with Real Madrid in 2010 after 3 years with Benefica Portugal. Four years later, Manchester United is looking to buy him for upwards of $54 million.

Other teams such as Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Juventus and Arsenal are also interested. Real Madrid could potentially make a run for Colombia’s James Rodriguez if the deal goes through.

David Wright of The Express:

For now, I’m just thinking the World Cup. We’ll see what happens with Madrid and if they want to continue. Honestly, I know that there are offers and interested clubs.”

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3. He is Worth $22 Million

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Di Maria is worth about $22 million after soccer contracts and sponsorships. On Real Madrid, his annual salary is about $4 million along with his endorsement contract with Adidas. Watch the video above to see all of his goals for Real Madrid.

4. He Went Pro When He Was 17

angel di maria


Di María’s professional career began in 2005 with one of the oldest Argentinian football clubs, Rosario Central which was located in his city of birth. By 2007, he was offered a contract with Rubin Zazan in the Russian Premier LEague, but in the end decided not to go through with it.

He showed his abilities to the world in the 2007 U-20 FIFA World Cup while representing Argentina and was eventually signed with Benefica Portugal after multiple European teams showed interest.

5. He Got Married in 2011

Di Maria married Jorgelina Cardoso in July of 2011 after two years of dating. Both di Maria and Cardoso were born and raised in Rosario, Argentina and have a daughter. According to the media, Cardoso is a very outspoken person and not afraid to defend her husband or voice her opinions.