Brasil Decime Qué Se Siente: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Argentinian fans are invading Brazil’s World Cup cities in their thousands as the nation cheers on Lionel Messi and Co. on their World Cup 2014 crusade. Camper fans are parked all along Brazil’s Copacabana beach with Al-Jazeera referring the Argentinian presence as an “invasion.” Throughout the tournament, one song has been dominant among the fans, the hugely offensive (to Brazilians anyway) “Brazil, Decime Que Se Siente.”

Here’s what you need to know about this song and this great rivalry:

1. The Argentina Team Is Now Singing It

What's Argentina's fan chant


The first lyrics of the song, Brasil, decime qué se siente, tener en casa tu papa, asks Brazilian people, “How it feels, to be bossed around in your own home?” It then goes on to state that Brazil will play Argentina and Lionel Messi later in the tournament. Ending with the statement that Diego Maradona is better than Pele. Check out the video of the Argentina team singing the song in the locker room after Round of 16 victory over the Swiss:

2. Argentina/Brazil Is One of the Biggest Rivalries in World Soccer

There isn’t really a rivalry like it in soccer. The two nations last played each other in a World Cup game at Italia ’90, with Argentina coming out on top that time. They do play each other regularly in the Copa America and in World Cup qualifying but a World Cup game is something different. Brazilian fans have been responding to the controversial chant on social media, mainly invoking the fact that Brazil is the all-time World Cup champion with five victories. Argentina have only twice, the last coming in 1986.

3. Argentina Fans Are Accused of Causing Trouble in Brazil

Argentina fans copacabana


The fans of the Argentina fans have been accused by sections of the media and Brazilian police of causing riots and robbing fans in the cities of Belo Horizonte and Porto Allegre. It’s estimated that 100,000 Argentina fans have crossed the border into Brazil.

4. Argentina Can Only Play Brazil in the Final

Argentina goals World Cup 2014


Due to the paths that both countries have created in the World Cup, both won their respective groups, it’s only possible that the two teams play in the final. A game that would be one of the biggest in the history of the game. Brazilian soccer commentator Fabio Piperno told Al-Jazeera about what that would mean:

To lose to Argentina in Brazil would be an eternal pain – a blow that Brazil would truly never overcome,” Piperno said. “It would be the biggest blow, not only in football, but in the history of Brazilian sport. It’s hard to imagine, but it would leave a huge emotional trauma.

5. Here Are the Full Lyrics to ‘Brasil Decime Que Se Siente’

Argentina fans beaches brazil


Brazil, Tell Me How It Feels

To Be Bossed Around In Your Own Home

I Swear That Even If Years Pass

We Will Never Forget

That Diego [Maradona] Out-Skilled You

That Cani [Claudio Caniggia] Surprised You

You Are Crying Since Italy [World Cup 1990] Till Today

You Are Going To See Messi

The World Cup Will Be Ours

Maradona Is Greater Than Pelé