Brit Marling: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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She gave up a job at Goldman Sachs to eat out of garbage cans in Cuba. And Brit Marling wouldn’t change a thing.

As her new movie, I Origins, opens today, here’s what you should know about this atypical actress.

1. She Was Valedictorian at Georgetown

Brit Marling Georgetown


Marling attended Georgetown University, where she double-majored in economics and studio art. She graduated as valedictorian and went right into an internship with Goldman Sachs. The corporation offered her a job, but she declined and moved to Cuba to film a documentary.

According the the New York Times, Marling “started to feel like it was all a bit of a fraud.” So, she dropped her bright future in finance and moved to Cuba where she, Mike Cahling and Zal Batmanglij filmed their first movie together.

2. She Renounced Materialism & Ate From Trash Cans

Brit Marling The East, Brit Marling Sundance, Brit Marling Vegan


Marling takes method acting to a whole new level with her movie The East. Although she didn’t actually join and eco-anarchist group to take down terrorize corporations, she did live completely isolated from materialist pleasure and ease.

According to The Guardian, when she and her two partners (Cahill and Batmanglij) traveled to Cuba, they froze their bank accounts, lived as nomads and ate from trash cans as freegans.

They did this out of frustration with Western society and all reported feeling invigorated by the simpler, community-based lifestyle.

3. She’s Been Involved in 16 Film Productions

Brit Marling Another Earth, Brit Marling Boyfriend, Brit Marling Films


While Marling is better known as an actress, she plays a huge role behind the camera as well. She’s been involved in a total of 16 productions. These include: Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man, Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out, Boxers and Ballerinas, The Recordist, Political Disasters, Sound of My Voice, Another Earth, Community, Arbitrage, The Company You Keep, The East, The Better Angles, I Origins, Babylon, The Keeping Room, and Posthumous.

Marling acted in many of these films, but she also wrote, produced or directed many of them. Many of the films give the audience an idea of what kind of person Marling is and also what her life has looked like.

4. One Student Film Changed the Course of Her Life

Brit Marling Sound of My Voice, Zal Batmanglij, Mike Cahill


During her freshman year at Georgetown, Marling saw a short film by two other students from her school. According to the New York Times, she was so impressed by their work that she basically hunted them down and begged to be involved in their next movie.

It was then that her partnership with Cahill and Batmanglij began. These three formed a group that has stuck together through college, Cuba and even Hollywood.

Cahill and Marling were once romatically involved, but even after their split they were able to make movies together. However, it was eventually decided that it would be better to work in pairs, so Batmanglij and Marling often worked together. Cahill worked on the scripts with the team, but Batmanglij and Marling came up with the ideas for Sound of My Voice and Another Earth together.

5. Her New Movie, ‘I Origins,’ Comes Out Today

Brit Marling Movies, I Origins


Whether she is a cult leader, a guilty killer, or a spy infiltrating a cult, Marling puts a lot of herself into the role. It is evident that Marling has an interest in other-worldly things, and she doesn’t seem to have a hard time finding herself in odd roles.

Her new movie, I Origins, was written and directed by Cahill and stars Marling. She plays a molecular biologist who discovers something that has never been seen before and may change society as we know it.

As in most of Marling’s films, the theme is dark and out of this world, and she plays a role that lets her intelligence show.