Cory Barron Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Cory Barron has been the subject of missing person search since his disappearance on Friday in Cleveland, Ohio. Today, authorities found a body at a nearby landfill, later identifying it as that of the 22-year-old Fremont native.

Here’s what you need to know about Barron and his mysterious death:

1. The Body Was Found in a Landfill 32 Miles Away

The body of a young man was found at the Lorain County landfill, 32 miles away from the stadium where Barron was last seen. After police confirmed his identity, his family and the media were alerted. It is unclear how Barron ended up at the landfill, but this 2012 report shows that the stadium produces around 958 tons of landfill trash a year.

2. Barron Was Last Seen Drunk at a Concert

Cory, along with his family and friends, attended a Jason Aldean concern on Friday evening at which friends described Cory as being extremely intoxicated. Speaking to WTAM 1100, Cory’s grandfather said that he had ventured to a different section of the stadium to have a drink with his friend and he never returned.

3. Investigators Suspected That He Ran Away

When asked if Cory had any reason to be unhappy, his grandfather told WTAM, “He didn’t have any financial problems. He graduated college, worked in Sandsuky — he was happy as a lark.”

Others believed Cory may have disappeared on purpose. According to WKYC, investigators specifically searched to the south and west of the park believing that he might head that way to avoid any witnesses in the direction of the crowded city business area.

4. Local Police & FBI Were Part of an Exhaustive Search

The FBI and Cleveland police carried out an exhaustive search while on the lookout for Barron. According to WKYC they searched waterways, green space, industrial parks and train tracks. Investigators even attempted to locate him using his cellular phone, which they discovered had died.

Third District Commander Pat Stephens told the local ABC affiliate that investigators were searching thick brush and waterways using dogs to help find him.

5. Police Are Asking for Your Help

Police are asking anyone with information involving the disappearance or death to call 216-623-5300.