WATCH: Giant Mysterious Hole Appears in Northern Siberia

A giant hole has appeared in Russia’s Yamal Peninsula, causing scientists to scramble to the remote land whose name translates to “the end of the world.”

The hole was discovered by oil workers in a helicopter. Yamal is oil rich.
Upon finding the hole, which measures over 260-feet wide, the oil workers alerted Russian authorities. Russian authorities urgently began to assemble a team of scientists to investigate.

The dark rim around the hole indicates a very hot explosion. Some are claiming it came from a meteorite or UFO crash, but Russian authorities are being more pragmatic. According to the Siberian Times:

Anna Kurchatova from Sub-Arctic Scientific Research Centre thinks the crater was formed by a water, salt and gas mixture igniting an underground explosion, the result of global warming. She postulates that gas accumulated in ice mixed with sand beneath the surface, and that this was mixed with salt – some 10,000 years ago this area was a sea.

Global warming, causing an ‘alarming’ melt in the permafrost, released gas causing an effect like the popping of a Champagne bottle cork, she suggests.

But a meteorite or UFO crash sounds much more fun.

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