Dorothy Jeter, Derek’s Mom: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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As Derek Jeter plays his last All Star Game tonight, we will pay tribute to his 20 years of accomplishments.

None of his success could have been possible without the support of his parents, who have been by his side since he was in Westwood Little League in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Learn more about the daughter of a New Jersey handyman who became the mother of one of the greatest baseball players in sporting history.

1. She Has 2 Children

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Besides Derek, 40, Dorothy has a daughter, Sharlee, 35.

According to ESPN, when they were young, Derek and Sharlee to sign a contract for their study habits, grades, curfew times and abstaining from drugs and alcohol.

“Derek had goals, but he knew if he wanted to play in the Little League all-star game or go to baseball camp, he better come home with a 4.0, he better have his behavior intact, or he better make curfew or he wasn’t going anywhere,” she said in the book Derek Jeter Surefire Shortstop.

2. She Met Her Husband in the Army

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She is married to Dr. Charles Jeter, who was once a substance abuse counselor.

In 1972, they met in Frankfurt, Germany when they were both stationed there.

They married a year later in Tennessee.

Dorothy is of Irish descent and her husband is African American. When they got married, in some parts of the country, interracial marriage was still illegal.

3. Derek Makes Eye Contact With Her at Games

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In an interview with CBS, she said:

Sometimes he’ll just stick his head up and go like [raising his eyes]. It means he’s going to try to hit a home run.

When Derek changed his schedule around to visit his sick uncle, she told the NY Times:

He’s more than just a baseball player. He’s Derek.

4. She’s the Treasurer of the Turn 2 Foundation

The foundation, which Derek started in 1996, enables youth to turn to the organization for guidance in living a clean lifestyle.

Their website details the directors as:

DEREK JETER, Founder and Chairman
DR. S. CHARLES JETER, Vice Chairman

5. Derek Sent Her This Mother’s Day Message

Jeter and Granderson Mother's Day messageDerek Jeter and Curtis Granderson wish their Mom's a Happy Mother's Day.2013-05-14T03:32:41.000Z

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