Fatima Dyczynski: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Let's make space personal: Fatima Dyczynski at TEDxGroningenFatima Dyczynski is an Aerospace Engineering Master Student at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands in Europe. She is also a creative space enthusiast, motivated entrepreneur, world traveller and has published her first publication for the (International Astronautical Congress) IAC 2013 in Beijing, China which substantiates a novel business model of a CubeSat constellation…2013-12-06T11:16:15.000Z

The family of Fatima Dyczynski, a 25-year-old MH17 victim, is convinced she is still alive, even after visiting the plane’s crash site in Ukraine.

Dyczynski, featured at a TED talk in 2013 in the video above, was on her way to Perth, Australia to begin working for IBM when the plane was shot down, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Her parents, George and Angela Dyczynski, told News.com.au they feel, “not all things are looked at from the right perspective,” in regard to the investigation into the plane’s crash and that, “other perspectives are important to investigate.” Fatima’s father, a cardiologist, has felt something is “amiss” in the world’s skies since the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 back in March.

Here’s what you need to know about them:

1. Her Father Thinks There’s a Remote Possibility Fatima Survived

According to News.com.au, George Dyczynski said there was a remote possibility that his daughter could have been catapulted into the sky when MH 17 went down, and that the cushion of her seat could have enabled her survival when she returned to the ground. He also said the extremely cold temperatures of a 33,000-foot altitude could have sent Fatima’s brain into hibernation, which would have counteracted the intense heat of the explosion.

2. Her Parents Are Threatening to Sue Anyone Who Says Fatima Died

Fatima George Angela Dyczynski, MH 17 family believes daughter still alive


According to The Independent, George Dyczynski told members of the Australian Associated Press in Amsterdam that he and his wife would be willing to sue if anyone were to suggest Fatima died in the crash without indisputable evidence. George Dyczynski feels that, since his daughter was an aerospace engineer, members of her scientific community should assist in the investigations into the reason behind the plane’s crash.

3. Her Mother Told Fatima’s Friend not to Talk to the Media

Fatima Dyczynski, George Angela Dyczynski MH17 victims parents sure daughter still alive

(Facebook/Fatima Dyczynski)

News.au.com reports that Angela Dyczynski told her daughter’s close friend, “do not talk to the media or anyone or you will be killed from our family. I do not want to see your name anywhere, understand,” before she and her husband left Amsterdam en route to Ukraine. Ces de la Cruz memorialized her friend with a coffee cup.

4. They’re the Only Relatives of a Crash Victim to Visit the Site

Fatima George Angela Dyczynski , parents believe daughter survived MH17 crash ukraine


According to News.com.au, George and Angela Dyczynski were the only relatives of any of the 298 plane crash victims to visit the crash site in Ukraine. The couple made the long journey in spite of warnings from Australian, Dutch and Ukrainian officials about the risks of traveling to the area, including kidnapping.

5. Fatima Dyczynski Founded a Technology Company

Angela George Fatima Dyczynski, parents of Mh17 crash victim insist daughter still alive

(Facebook/Fatima Dyczynski)

According to her LinkedIn profile, Fatima Dyczynski was the CEO and founder of Xoterra Space, a tech start-up designed take Earth Observation (EO) data gathered in space and translate that data into a new generation of services for clients. The company was working on a tracking application that would, ” identify, locate and link intelligent space and ground based data to events,” according to the company’s LinkedIn page.

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