How to Watch Brazil vs Germany World Cup Game Livestream Online

watch brazil vs Germany online


The semifinals are here, and the highly anticipated Brazil vs Germany match will determine which of the two teams will have a shot at the World Cup trophy. With Neymar out with a broken vertebra and the Germans coming off of a big win against France, we’ll see if Brazil’s home field advantage will be enough to stop Germany’s momentum.

If you’re not around a television this afternoon, here’s how you can watch Brazil vs Germany.

Stream the Game on ESPN’s Website

watch world cup online

If you have a cable subscription (or your friend or family member does) that includes ESPN, ESPN 2 or ESPN 3, you can watch every game streaming live at

Go to the website and select “Soccer,” then enter your cable provider and the username and password given to you by your provider.

Can’t remember your username and/or password? Google the name of your provider plus the word “password.” Click on the result that says something to the effect of “change password,” “retrieve password” or “forgot password?” On that page, where prompted to enter password or username, look for the link that says “forgot password” or “forget username.” Your provider will send you an email that lets you reset either or both.

Stream It on Your Phone With the ESPN App

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Download the WatchESPN app from iTunes or Google Play on your smartphone or tablet.

As with the ESPN website, you’ll need the login and password for your (or someone else’s) cable provider account.

Stream It With the Univision App

univision deportes app, watch world cup games for free

If your cable subscription doesn’t include ESPN but does include Univision, then this option is for you. You’ll only get Spanish commentary, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing — the Spanish call is always much more fun. Gooaaal!

Download the free Univision Deportes app on your iPhone or Android device.

While this app offered free streaming of all games up to the quarterfinals, it now requires a cable subscription.

Inside the app, click on “BRA v GER.”

More Unsavory Options

There are also many unofficial streams that we do not recommend you use — both for legal reasons and for the danger to your computer and the aggravation of pervasive popups — but a search for free World Cup streams will bring up a slew of options. Sites such as First Row Sports and Wiziwig are among the more well-known options.

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