I Believe That We Will Win: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The U.S.A.’s renowned “I believe that we will win” chant has been the talk of the World Cup. Those words have been plastered all over social media and featured on numerous World Cup commercials because of the sheer power and emotion the chant sparks in not just Americans, but all sports fans.

Here’s what you need to know about the skin-tingling rally cry:

1. It Was Featured in a Popular ESPN Commercial

belgium vs usa

Fans of the United States prepare for the Round of 16 elimination match between USA and Belgium at the World Cup.(Getty)

The chant was featured in an ESPN commercial when it became popular among American fans during the World Cup. The video (featured in the header) could give any sports fan the goosebumps and any American swell with pride.

2. Naval Academy Alum Jay Rodriguez Made It Up

Jay Rodriguez is an alum of one of the most patriotic colleges in the U.S., the Naval Academy. Rodriguez attended the academy in 1998 when he created the chant, according to Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo.com.

Rodriguez went on to teach the chant to his 50-member platoon as a “rallying cry” for them.

Once he taught the chant to a cheerleader who happened to be his roommate, the chant took off when it was yelled through the microphone in 1999 at the legendary Army-Navy football game.

An attendee of the 1999 game, John Reeves said:

The first time we heard it, we all thought, ‘This is awesome.’ Jay was really good at coming up with stuff like that because he was very intelligent and very creative. It caught on like wildfire.”

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3. It Was Originally Used in College Sports Games

usa vs germany, omar gonzalez

Since it originated at the Naval Academy, it first spread through colleges after it became signature for the Naval Academy’s game against their biggest rivals, Army.

Naval Academy linebacker Eddie Carthan who was a senior co-captain of the football team recalled:

I was used to trying to stay calm before games because I knew I had to go out for the coin toss, but you could hear it through the locker room door. Mind you we were 3-30 the last three years, so we weren’t used to hearing our crowd. Something great had to happen for our crowd to be into the game, much less pregame before we’d even warmed up yet.”

The more they got into it, the louder it got. We started looking around at each-other in the locker room and it was unspoken but the look that each of us had was, ‘Yes, I do believe we actually can win.'”

4. The Chants Have Been Promoted by Will Ferrell and Teddy Goalsevelt

At an American pep rally in Recife, Brazil before the USMNT played Germany, Will Ferrell showed up and started the chant fire up fans. The comic actor also told attendees that he was “going to bite every German player if he has to for the patriotic cause, and to wear a red, white, and blue bikini top.” He made a grand exit after his speech as the crowd began to chant once again.

Watch the video above to see Will Ferrell’s “I believe that we will win” chant featuring Teddy Goalsevelt during the #FanHQ.

5. Famous Americans Put Together an “I Believe” Video

Inspired by the American Outlaws, ESPN put together an awesome lineup of famous Americans to create a tribute commercial to the chant called, “I Believe- American Outlaws Tribute.”

The featured Americans in the video include:

Whoopi Goldberg, Kevin Costner, Ice Cube, Jon Hamm, Jimmy Kimmel, Cam Newton, Andrew McCutchen, Barry Sanders, Rajon Rondo, Abby Wambach and Hope Solo.

Ian Darke narrates the video full of highlights of the U.S. national team from this year while the famous Americans do the “I Believe” chant. Watch the video above to see the end result.