Jackson Martinez: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jackson Matinez, Jackson Martinez socce, jackson martinez colombia


27-year-old Jackson Martinez is known for his dance moves and his skill. The soccer star has played extremely well so far in the World Cup, and Colombia is hoping he’ll showcase his skill once again on the field Friday in their match against Brazil.

Here’s what you need to know about him.

1. He’s Nicknamed Cha Cha Cha For His Dance Moves

Martinez is good on his feet– and when he’s not scoring goals, he’s dancing. Youtube is cluttered with different videos of Martinez rocking out after scoring a goal.

Check out some of the videos here.

2. He’d Love To Play For Arsenal

jackson martinez Cha cha cha


The striker has played an important role in helping bring his team to the quarter-cup finals, and has said that he’d jump at the chance to play for Arsenal. Martinez has dreamed of playing for Arsenal since he was a kid, and it looks like things are in his favor seeing as he’s believed to be the team’s first choice.

The star player has scored 60 goals in 91 games, and says that he’s going to focus on the World Cup while he’s there, and leave the rest to deal with when he’s done in Brazil. He told the Daily Mail,

My agent is taking care of my future, right now I’m at the World Cup and only after the World Cup I’ll evaluate proposals. As a child I cheered for Arsenal, they play a game that suits me. If I had the occasion to play there, I would say yes.

3. His Father Played For Cóndor de Bogotá In Colombia’s Second Division

Jackson Martinex colombia


Whenever Martinez’s father made a goal, he’d do a dance. He told Maisfutebol,

The Cha-Cha-Cha was in fashion at the time and I celebrated my goals to this rhythm.

The dance soon became his trademark move, and his son inherited it when he began scoring goals in the professional league.

When Martinez made the switch to Porto, his former Colombia coach Leonel Álvarez told O Jogo:

I believe Jackson will score as many goals as Falcao did at Porto. Of course it will depend on the players he has around him, but if he has the same conditions as Falcao, I’m certain he’ll enjoy the same amount of success.

4. He’s Said To Be the Best Holdup Player on the Colombian Roster

Jackson Martinez, Jackson Martinez  soccer player


The Colombia Reports recently released an article forecasting Friday’s game between Colombia and Brazil, and express just how key Martinez’s skill will be on Friday.

Martinez is by far the best holdup player on the Colombian roster, and his vertical presence would be invaluable, especially if Luiz gets caught out of position or if Colombia chose to attack the wings without committing numbers forward.

The 27-year-old soccer player has represented the Colombian national team since 2009, and has scored 10 goals thus far. His first competitive match with the Portuguese team took place on August 11, 2012, in Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira. He made quite the entrance, scoring his first goal during the 90th minute of the game, and being named the man of the match.

5. He Has Started Colombia’s Last Two Matches

Jackson Martinez, Jackson Martinez soccer, jackson martinez kicking


The Gunners fan has high hopes of playing for Arsenal, and this really doesn’t seem out of reach. The team is on the lookout for a new striker, as Olivier Giroud hasn’t been performing at his highest potential.

Martinez has made quite the splash this summer at the World Cup, scoring twice in the 4-1 victory against Japan. He’s aware of Arsenal’s interest in him, but won’t discuss the topic further with the press. If he plays well in Friday’s game, there’s no saying what lies ahead for the soccer player, but it could well be a red and white Arsenal jersey.

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