Jakari Pearson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

8-year-old shot and killed in DetroitA 8-year-old boy has been shot and killed while sleeping in Detroit.2014-07-30T16:26:56.000Z

Tragedy struck Detroit this morning when 8 year-old Jakari Pearson was shot and killed while he was asleep in his bed. Cops are saying the shots could be the result of domestic violence, according to CBS Detroit.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. He Was Pronounced Dead on Arrival at the Hospital

CBS Detroit reports Pearson had been rushed to a local hospital after being shot, but he was pronounced dead on arrival. According to The Detroit News, shots were fired at roughly 1:15 Wednesday morning, and while neighbors of Pearson’s told the Detroit Free Press gunshots aren’t uncommon sounds in the neighborhood, this is the first time they can remember a child being killed.

2. A Bullet Hit His Window, Then His Chest

According to WXYZ, the shooter fired on the back of Pearson’s house, sending bullets through an exterior brick wall and interior walls of Pearson’s home. CBS Detroit reports Pearson was struck in the chest by a bullet that broke his window. Cops say the shells at the crime scene indicate the weapon used was an assault rifle, WXYZ reports.

3. Cops Say the Shooting Could be the Result of Domestic Violence

According to CBS Detroit, sources say the shooting followed an incident between a man other than Pearson’s father and his mother. WXYZ reports the shooter was stalking Pearson’s mother and had threatened her.

4. His Mother’s Condition Is Unknown

According to CBS Detroit, Jakari’s mother was taken to the hospital after receiving a gunshot wound, but her condition is unknown. Police, who wouldn’t give a description of the suspected shooter, say they, “have a pretty good idea” of who they’re looking for, but couldn’t comment further since it’s an active investigation. Sgt. Michael Woody told CBS Detroit, “Unfortunately, we can’t talk too much about that just yet as we are in the very early stages of this investigation. We hope the community continues to talk to us and feeds us information so we can track this individual down and get him into custody very quickly.” Woody told The Detroit News, police have identified a person of interest, but that person has not been arrested. He said:

The person we are talking to has not been arrested or been identified as a suspect in the shooting. He’s nothing more than a person of interest in this case and is being interviewed. He did not voluntarily come to us but was found through good, old-fashioned police work, plus tips from the community.

5. The Community Has Banded Together Because of His Death

Jakari Pearson’s death has shaken his community, as neighbors told reporters how their neighborhood has taken a turn for the worse in recent years. B’atrice Spears, whose son played baseball with Pearson, told CBS Detroit:

We’re just neighbors, you know, we might wave and say ‘Hello’ or we might not. But today, it was like we were sisters. I told her I would be there until the end.

“I just know now the kids are going to be terrified,” Spears told The Detroit News.

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